Cephalopods (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) and their status in Turkey

08 Jan 2014 - 6 pages


Cephalopod species; from their role in many sea myths or from being the subject of many art branches have staid popular for 5000 years throughout human history. Cephalopod species nutritious value and their importance in human diet have been acknowledged by all nations and made their popularity increase. Cephalopods world statistics are around 3.5 million tons, in Mediterranean around 70 thousand tons and for Turkey around 2,200 tons. In the Aegean Sea, which has the highest fishing values for Octopoda group from cephalopods, has diminished in recent years. One of the fundamental reasons for this is the lack of caution about their biology and wrong prohibition dates. Even with their commercial value or even with their importance in human diet, cephalopod species sustainability depends on proper identification and rearrangement of
fishery permission.

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