Syria Crisis

Response and

Resilience Programme

Resilient recovery

To support Syrians living in Turkey, host communities, partners and insitutions  to better cope with and recover from the impact of displacement, UNDP implements the Syria Crisis Response and Resilience Programme. The programme promotes a resilience-based development approach and complements humanitarian assistance. The main objective of the programme is to enhance self-reliance of Syrians and strengthen institutional capacities of local and national partners to be able to respond to the increase in demand for public services. 

Our Missions/Our Goals

The key aspect of UNDP’s resilience response strategy is to invest in existing national and local systems to ensure they can adequately serve both host and Syrian communities by focusing on three major areas:

  • Livelihoods, Employment and Local Economic Development,
  • Municipal service delivery
  • Social Cohesion, Empowerment and Protection.

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Programmes and Initiatives

Turkey Resilience Project in response to the Syria Crisis (TRP)
Employment and Skills Development Project - Component 1
Effective Urban Waste Management for Host Communities Phase II
Increasing Employability for Syrian Refugees and Turkish Host Communities in the Renewable Energy Sector



benefitted from life skills trainings, vocational trainings, Turkish language courses, trainings for trainers provided by the programme.

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