States of Womanhood in Dirgine

Story of Esra Karali, Dirgine Forestry Director  

“For the First Time, Somebody Came to the Mines Voluntarily”

A story of volunteerism from UNDP, Visa and Habitat  

Seeds of Hope

Syrian women take part of new roles in the workforce with their rediscovered skills.  

Global Problem, Local Solution

Disposing the largest Persistent Organic Pollutant stock in the world.  

A Story of Will and Solidarity

A Story of Will and Solidarity  

Giving a Voice to the Forest

A Forester’s Journey  

First Time in Southeast Anatolia

First Time in Southeast Anatolia  

Lives Changed Through Innovative Approaches

Stories of empowerment from Ardahan, Kars and Artvin  

Hand in Hand for The Survival of Aegean Olive Pastures

We are working for preserving the nature and traditional production techniques.  

One Project, Many Results

Ankara holds a building, newly completed but not renowned as it deserves: the building of Cezeri Green Technology Technical and Industrial Vocational High School. This building was built with the…  

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