Enhancing the Use of Wood

What is the project about?

The forests and the ecosystem services they provide are key for humans and all living taxa and they provide unique contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. Forests are also important for the people thrive within as well as sectors based on wood and non-wood products that are eventually provide employment to people. In Turkey wood fiber – woodchip sector is highly developed; however, the massive wood sector is still in its infancy. It is foreseen that the grow of the wood economy into a size of 50 billion Turkish Lira is possible with a balanced approach in use of wood. The wood sector has a great potential in terms of economy generation with higher added-value in line with social and environmental benefits. Once adopted, wood oriented low carbon policies can increase Turkey’s contribution to the SDGs as a whole.

This is a two-year project aiming at supporting the establishment of an infrastructure for massive wood sector in Turkey. General Directorate of Forestry, UNDP Turkey, National Timber Association (UAB) and Turkish Business Association for Wood Products (TORİD) are the partners for implementation. The project is supported by Turkish Government.


What has been the situation?

Today, the amount of wood products is increasing with higher economic value. In Turkey, the use of such products can be promoted through strengthening the infrastructure, standards and supported by awareness raising activities targeting the sector and general public. Among those products the followings can be listed: use of wood as doors and windows, massive panels, laminated beams and colons such as glulam, massive construction products as cross laminated timber (CLT) and laminated veneer lumber (LVL). Establishing quality standards for those products and ensuring the use of them are key issues and possible barrier for the wider use of such materials. Moreover, in order to eliminate the prejudices against wood products, and inform the public about the advantages and benefits of wood, extensive communication activities need to be held in partnerships with key stakeholders including universities, civil society organizations, private sector representatives and public institutions.

In summary, the wood sector has a great potential in terms of economy generation in line with social and environmental benefits. Once adopted, wood oriented low carbon policies can increase Turkey’s contribution to the SDGs as a whole.

What is our mission?

The project aims to achieve the added value increase in massive wood sector in Turkey. The project goal is to make a situation analysis including assessments on products and production in massive wood sector; prepare a way forward plan with solid documentation and increase the awareness in general public and key stakeholder organizations.


How are we doing this?

This project is aiming to strengthen the infrastructure for development of a strong massive wood sector in Turkey. Throughout the project implementation, several key documents will be produced to decrease this gap in knowledge, awareness and technical background. The project will take a snapshot of the current sector dynamics globally and nationally. The analysis will also look at dynamics at different levels from forest villages to consumers and assess the social structures with a gender perspective to come up with a strong and realistic approach for future. This analysis will be the basis for a strategy that can shape the short-term future of the massive wood sector. The project, then, will focus on the development of the necessary standards, feasibility analysis, implementation guides etc. to support the standardization of wood products in public institutions and the industry. Finally, project will aim at increasing awareness in the industry, decision makers and the wider public for an increased ownership of the massive wood products.


Component 1: Massive Wood Sector Situation Analysis

The project will make an analysis of the massive wood sector globally and nationally. The report will define the current production and production systems from forest resources to industrial production, opportunities for higher income products and processes and analysis on the relations of massive wood sector versus SDGs. The project will recruit a team of experts to deliver the situation analyses in close collaboration with the project partners. The findings of the report will be used for developing policy approaches and strategies as well as increasing the knowledge on massive wood potential of Turkey. The detailed activities are given below.


Component 2. Gap Analysis and Strategic Massive Wood Products

The project will define key strategic massive wood products and associated way forward plans under this component. This product identification exercise will be based on the situation analysis and follow up discussions with the representatives of the sector. The Strategic Wood Products Guide will be prepared as a part of this component that will be summarizing the portfolio of products with associated way forward plans. Lastly, for the key products, feasibility studies will be undertaken and published as reports for the attention of the sector.


Component 3. Awareness and Dissemination

The project will disseminate results through targeted communication and awareness raising activities. The communication plan will be identified in detail at the beginning of the project and the activities will be carried out consecutively. This will include a series of seminars in different cities and universities. Moreover, this component will aim to establish key dissemination infrastructure activities such as establishing/ adjusting the standards, auditing-testing mechanisms and cooperation with the relevant government structures including Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ministry of Environment and Environment and Turkish Accreditation Institute.



Project start date:

November 2018

Estimated end date:

March 2020

Focus area:

  • build resilience to shocks and crisis
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Turkey

    Implementing partner:

    GOVT as Executing and Implemen

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  • Government Of Turkey
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