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Sustainable Development Goals Investment Initiative

To achieve the SDG agenda, financial resources of the private sector is given greater importance especially for building back better after COVID-19.  

Beyond Recovery of SMEs through Digitalization (Digital Way)

Global pandemic of COVID-19 realized that this process is not only necessary for competitiveness, but also an important tool for resilience and business contingency.  

Employability, Entrepreneurship and Social Cohesion for Syrian and Turkish Youth - in response to the Syria Crisis Project

The Project focuses on leveraging the potential of Turkish and Syrian youth for social stability, cohesion and socio-economic empowerment among host community members and Syrians under Temporary…  

Covid-19 Resilience and Response

Covid-19 Resilience and Response Project, which is funded by the Government of Japan is part of UNDP’s rapidly developed integrated response to COVID-19 health, humanitarian, and developmental crisis…  

Identification and Remediation of Contaminated Sites With Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Project

The objective of this project is to improve environmental protection and the quality of life of citizens by protecting human health and environment from adverse effects of Persistent Organic…  

Increasing Employability for Syrian Refugees and Turkish Host Communities in the Renewable Energy Sector

The overall objective of the project is to increase employability of estimated 500 Syrians and host community members in the area of the renewable energy sector.  

Accelerator Lab Network

The objective is to build a network of 60 Country Accelerator Labs as the largest, fastest global learning network on development challenges.  

Support to the Improvement of Legal Aid Practices for Access to Justice for All in Turkey Phase II

Violence Prevention Centers (replicated Pilot Poppy Centers) are going to be established in 7 pilot provinces throughout Turkey and they will provide legal aid services to individuals subjected to…  

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