Sustainable Living Film Festival 2020 official selection will be streamed online for all viewers in Turkey with SYFFEVDE! The documentaries will meet their audience between 1-6 December on

SLFF2020 official selection will meet its audience between 1-6 December with the online festival SYFFEVDE at where all screenings are free of charge. The twenty-six feature length and short documentary films cover a very wide range of subjects and approaches such as sustainable farming, food systems and supply chains, seed, regenerative ranching, right to water, preserving our commons, climate change and migration, gold mining and toxic wastes, megafires, foraging culture, fishing, biodiversity, nature preservation and wildlife, social entrepreneurship and sustainable economy.


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The SLFF2020 selection shows that a sustainable life is only possible when the living environment and conditions of all living beings on the planet are sustainable; it reminds us that the season, the air, the water, the soil, the wild, the farmer, the seed, the forest, the insect, the tomato and the neighbor must be good for us to be good.

The opening of the festival is on 1 December, with the film "Nations United: Urgent Solutions for Urgent Times", which was made by the UN to celebrate its 75th anniversary and the fifth anniversary of its Sustainable Development Goals.

During the 6-day online festival, in addition to film screenings, the audience can participate in online side events organized by non-governmental organizations, communities, educational institutions, etc right after each screening. All information about movies, program, registrations and side event organizations can be followed at and

All online screenings are free of charge.

Viewers need to register for each screening at


SYFFEVDE Selection

  • Mirror (Director: Pierre Reynard 2020, 25')
  • A Fistful of Rubbish (Director: David Regos 2019, 14')
  • How We Grow (Director: Haley Thompson, Tomas Zuccareno, 2017, 65')
  • Motherload (Director: Liz Canning, 2019, 86’)
  • Biomimicry (Director: Leila Conners 2015, 22')
  • The Promise of Biomimicry (Director: Leila Conners 2020, 23')
  • Growing Solutions (Director: Leo Horrigan ve Michael Milli, 2020, 42′)
  • Stolen Fish (Director: Gosia Juszczak 2020, 30')
  • Food for Change (Director: Benoît Bringer, 2019, 55')
  • Shade Grown Coffee (Director: Alexander Kinnunen 2020, 76')
  • Climate Limbo (Director: Elena Brunello, Paolo Caselli, Francesco Ferri 2019, 40')
  • Jozi Gold (Director: Sylvia Vollenhoven, Fredrik Gertten 2019, 74')
  • Seeds of Profit (Director: Linda Bendali, 2019, 50′)
  • The Compost Story (Director: Finian Makepeace 2017, 7')
  • Mega Fires (Director: Cosima Dannoritzer 2020, 93')
  • Nations United: Urgent Solutions for Urgent Times (Director: Richard Curtis 2020, 34')
  • Hacking for the Commons (Director: Philippe Borrel 2019, 87')
  • A Regenerative Secret (Director: Ben Cowan ve Taliesin Black-Brown 2018, 8')
  • From Weedy Forests to Grassy Woodlands (Director: Antoinette Wilson ve Jordan Osmond 2020, 12')
  • Lords of Water (Director: Jérôme Fritel 2019, 56')
  • Foragers (Director: Roni Aran Adıbelli ve Adnan Faruk Turan, 2020, 69’)
  • Communities of Hope (Director: Diego ve Lou, 2020, 29’)
  • Rewilding (Director: Vincent Perazio 2019, 52')
  • The New Breed: The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur (Director: Pete Williams 2020, 80')
  • How We Live: A Journey Towards a Just Transition (Director: Mark Decena 2014, 8')
  • No Pesticides on My Plate (Director: Oya Ayman, Sevim Erdem, Eyyüp Epekinci, 2020, 42’)


SYFFEVDE Supporters

Festival Supporters

  • European Union Turkey Delegation
  • Heinrich Böll Stiftung Turkey Representation
  • UNDP Turkey


In Kind Supporters

  • Kavlak Law Firm
  • Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting


Friends of the Festival

  • Mazars Turkey
  • Nebyan Natural


Media Support

  • Buğday Association
  • Harvard Business Review Turkey
  • Magma Magazine

About Sustainable Living Film Festival: Since 2008 SLFF has been providing a better understanding of the concept of sustainability and systemic problems that interact with each other, contributing to the formation of a new culture of living through inspiring stories collected from different parts of the world, and inviting the audience to action for transformation with its impact-oriented selection.

In addition to the festival, SLFF cooperates with to ensure that the selection of films reaches large segments of the society. provides content to the events with its SLFF selection so that non-governmental organizations, local governments, educational institutions and companies can benefit after the festival.


For the festival selection, program and all other details:

Senem Açık:                 Tel: 0532 739 3009

Ferda Kervan:                                    Tel: 0533 517 8514

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