For 60 years, Organized Industrial Zones (OIZs) have been serving to improve the productivity and development of the industry and standing as an important support mechanism for Turkish industrialists. By transforming these OIZs into a more innovative structure along with Turkey’s transformation to a progressive and digital economy, it is aimed to support the industry in a more different and efficient way.


The Innovation Center in Manisa OIZ is established

The policy paper “The Transformation of OIZs in Turkey- Manisa OIZ Innovation Center Design and Establishment” prepared by Doç. Dr. Mehmet Cansız, is published within the scope of the “Technology Development Project in OIZs” which is supported by the Presidency of Strategy and Budget and run by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

With the Innovation Center to be established in Manisa OIZ, the companies’ capacity for research-development, innovation, entrepreneurship and digitalization will be increased; and their transformation to become innovative OIZs will be ensured by increasing their services and support towards companies.

The project, which is developed to ensure that OIZs take an active role in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, also aims to support the National Technology Move and Turkey’s 2023, 2053 and 2071 goals through the transformation process of OIZs which are among the most important industrial policy tools.

The policy paper aims to be a milestone for the OIZs’ transformation phase to contribute to the innovation-based Turkish economy. This study presents the strategy and roadmap to be followed in the design and establishment processes of the Innovation Center in Manisa OIZ, which has been selected as a pilot.


Why Manisa OIZ?

Manisa OIZ is one of the most important industrial zones in Turkey. Because of its administration and corporate competence, awareness for innovation, resource allocation in these fields, willingness of companies in business and its capacity to integrate to the Izmir ecosystem, Manisa OIZ has been selected as the primary pilot project field.

The report states that Manisa OIZ gained the appreciation of the industrialists in terms of both its infrastructure and the services it provided. Also, the report claims that Manisa OIZ is among the top OIZs for its services to achieve an efficient economy in Turkey.

However, it is stated that in Manisa medium-high and medium-low technology sectors are at the forefront, R&D strategies differ among companies and activities continue with price competition and profitability decreasing day by day. Hence, companies have difficulty in adapting their strategies to the constantly changing competition environment as a result of digitalization as well as limited access to information and resources to develop in terms of innovation. The report also underlines the importance of interaction between Manisa and Izmir. 

Through the Innovation Center, Manisa OIZ aims to become one of the best-known industrial and technology zones in the innovative production sector both in Turkey and the world.


A pilot project with an initial budget of 8 million TL is being launched

Within the framework of the mission to increase the R&D and technology capacities and accelerate the digitalization process of companies operating in the region by developing an innovative OIZ, it is envisaged that the Innovation Center will focus on skill development and innovation in the short term, and on coordination and business development activities in the medium and long terms.

The report shares the details and steps of the pilot project, which will be focusing on the establishment and structuring processes of the Manisa OIZ Innovation Center, in order to increase the regional competitiveness of Manisa and develop the regional innovation ecosystem.

The project, which will be funded by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and Manisa OIZ has a total budget of 8 million Turkish Lira (TL) and is planned to last for 18 months. With the project, it is aimed to establish the institutional infrastructure of the regional innovation ecosystem, improve the innovation capacity of industrialists and technological entrepreneurs, contribute to commercialization by ensuring cooperation between these groups and create technological clusters.

It is expected that this publication will shed light on the question of how to transform OIZs in order to contribute to Turkey’s innovation-based economy and provide substantial contribution to the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem literature in Turkey.

The policy paper “The Transformation of OIZs in Turkey- Manisa OIZ Innovation Center Design and Establishment” can be accessed from the link below:

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