Applications are still received for the Design Cukurova challenge that aims to make scalable and practicable contributions to solving the deficiencies in product innovation in the Turkish innovation ecosystem, particularly in Cukurova, and innovation sustainable in manufacturing industries by boosting innovativeness of companies in product design, and stimulating R&D, product and prototype development processes. Numerous applications have already been made to the challenge that will continue to receive applications by 28 September.

Innovative ideas come together that will compete for a four-month challenge where successful projects that pass the testing stage will become products and significant solutions to regional development.

In this context, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Industry and Technology, and European Union (EU) bring together Turkish industrial designers for a four-month interdisciplinary designathon. Aiming to promote the sustainable development of the economy of Cukurova region by supporting companies, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in the region, the challenge is organised as an event by Innovation Centres established in Mersin and Adana.


Regional Economy to Benefit

The “Design Cukurova” challenge focuses on bringing together innovative ideas and thinkers in industrial products and design with the companies, promoting competitiveness through innovative production and design, and creating new products and services for the regional economy.

Organised jointly by Adana Chamber of Industry (ADASO), Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO), Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industry Zone (OSB), and Cukurova Development Agency (CKA), the Design Cukurova challenge aims to support the competitiveness and export potential of companies operating in agriculture and food sectors as the prominent sectors in regional economy by investing in innovation infrastructure and awareness.


Ideas to Compete For Four Months

The four-month challenge consists of two stages of selection after which the 10 finalist ideas will be turned to working prototypes ready for production through the stage of project acceleration, scaling and project development. Successful projects will go through a testing stage, then meet with companies for turning into end products.

The ambition is that the prototypable and commercializable ideas of successful contestants will be solutions to the problems of companies and value chains in agriculture and food in Cukurova region.

The first challenge this year focuses on agriculture, food, packaging and logistics value chain as the prominent sector of Cukurova region, and runs on the theme “innovative and sustainable solutions in food packaging for end consumers and exports” to bring together industrial designers.


Challenge to Continue In Future Years

The series of innovation-oriented challenges are organized in the context of awareness-raising and ecosystem development services of Innovation Centres established by UNDP in Adana and Mersin. The series will continue in future years to support the regional economy by promoting innovative capacity and infrastructure in various sectors and manufacturing industries particularly through developing solutions applicable to problems in product design.

Innovation Centres established in Adana and Mersin under the Job Creation Component of the Turkey Resilience Project in Response to the Syria Crisis (TRP) implemented jointly with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology with funding from the European Union (EU) aim to create and strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Adana and Mersin. The primary objectives of Adana and Mersin Innovation Centres are to foster a culture of innovation to support local sustainable development, develop an innovation ecosystem in Adana and Mersin, serve as a meeting and interaction point for developing, producing, designing, marketing and exporting innovative products and services, draw roadmaps for companies in the ecosystem identifying their innovation needs, and provide such capacity-building services as training, consultancy, mentoring, physical infrastructure.


Who Should Apply?

Those who have solutions of industrial product designs and feel ready to work with a multidisciplinary team should consider participation in the challenge. Designers, engineers, material scientists, workers, researchers, academicians and students of relevant departments may apply as teams of 2 to 6 people.


Prizes for Stage 1

  • Development Prize

Unlike all industrial design challenges, the packaging design ideas in the concept/production phase which pass the first stage will be supported with the development prize to prepare for production and eventually become test-proven working prototypes. In addition, they will receive one-on-one support from experts and professionals in agriculture, food and packaging.


Prizes for Stage 2

The following final prizes will be awarded to the winners from among the projects of teams which complete the development stage:

  • Monetary Prizes

First place: 30,000 TRY

Second place: 20,000 TRY

Third place: 10,000 TRY

  • Non-Monetary Prizes

Use of the infrastructure and expertise services of Adana and Mersin Innovation Centres.

  • Special Prizes

To follow the announcement of special and other prizes: website.

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