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Supported by UNDP Turkey and aiming to forge a common language in fighting the climate crisis, the second meetup of the Conversations in Climate-ish took place on 8 October 2019, hosted by UNDP Turkey Goodwill Ambassador Mert Fırat

Aiming to bring together the experience of various social segments and vocational groups facing the climate crisis into a common language, the meeting’s feature speakers were Durukan Dudu, Co-founder of Anadolu Meraları (Anatolian Pastures); Melike Kuş, Soil and Water Conservation Programme Coordinator of Nature Conservation Centre; and Olcay Silahlı, CEO of Fazla Gıda; with the event moderated by Mert Fırat.



Devoting his opening remarks to the importance of agriculture and food for the future of humanity, Mert Fırat hailed “both bread and ethics” for the common future of humanity, and stated that considering the ever-growing need for food and the climate crisis, the regenerative methods must be used in agriculture.

Of the panellists, Durukan Dudu, Co-founder of Anadolu Meraları (Anatolian Pastures), said: “Through our agricultural methods carried on for thousands of years, we have released the soil’s carbon to the atmosphere. If we can give it back to soil, we can both reinvigorate the agriculture and substantially prevent the climate crisis. Regenerative agriculture means to heal the soil in all aspects while we engage in agriculture. Now the thing we must do is to heal, i.e. regenerate.”



Olcay Silahlı, CEO of Fazla Gıda indicated that Turkey of 80 million is the top third country in Europe which produce food waste, and said: “The amount of waste dumped by Turkey into soil is 440 times that of Germany. Today, we dump every 30 of 100 units which we sow.”

Melike Kuş, Soil and Water Conservation Programme Coordinator of Nature Conservation Centre said: “No method is perfect in the process of adapting to climate change. We must generate solutions” and underlined the importance of searching for joint solutions to and building partnerships against the climate crisis.



Having held the first meetup on “Climate-ish Water” on Tuesday, 24 September, the Conversations in Climate-ish will continue with “Disasters” on Tuesday, 15 October, and conclude with “Urban Life” on Tuesday, 5 November.




CONVERSATIONS IN CLIMATE-ISH: A series of meetings where experience on problems and solutions concerning climate action, and which aim to develop a common language and holistic approach with parties working on the issue and specialising in various fields.

CLIMATEER: Everyone who is affected by the climate crisis, ponders on the issue, takes action or wishes to take action.

CLIMATE-ISH: A common language simplifying the existing technical language on the climate crisis.



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