Supported by UNDP Turkey and aiming to forge a common language in fighting the climate crisis, the “Conversations in Climate-ish” started with Mert Fırat as the host. Having conversed on the climate crisis and water, the climateers will continue to meet in upcoming weeks to talk on other topics in the context of climate.

Organized by UNDP Turkey in search of a common language in fighting the climate crisis to encompass various segments of the society, particularly including the youth, in climate action, the Conversations in Climate-ish started on Tuesday, 24 September hosted by UNDP Turkey Goodwill Ambassador Mert Fırat.

Focusing on the experience of various social segments and vocational groups facing the climate crisis, and prioritising the search for joint solutions, the meeting’s featured speakers were Dr. Akgün İlhan, researcher from Mercator Istanbul Policy Center; Fatih Özkadı, Director of Sustainability and Official Relations from Arçelik; and Hatice Dinç Sarısoy of the Nature Conservation Centre.


Shared Responsibility and Common Language in the face of Climate Crisis

Moderating the panel, Mert Fırat stated in his opening remarks that water constituted the essence of human presence, and the water crisis we were presently facing would shape the future of entire humanity; and emphasised that we had a shared responsibility for resolving the crisis.

Of the panellists, Dr. Akgün İlhan said: “As citizens, we must claim our right to know. We must demand to know what we are eating, what we are drinking”; Hatice Dinç Sarısoy drew attention to another point when talking about “cleaning” the water: “When are we going to start not to contaminate it?”; and Fatih Özkadı told about the private sector’s experience, and underlined that good practices must be multiplied.

In addition to the panellists, guests of various ages and vocations participated in the Conversations in Climate-ish, paving the way for examples of the new language being forged by climateers. Such bends of proverbs as “Climateer is recognised by the water s/he is drinking,” “What does a single climateer have, while climateers who generate joint solutions have power” marked the first step towards looking at the water crisis in a climate-ish way.

Covering the four key components of the climate crisis, namely Water, Agriculture and Food, Urban Life and Disasters, the second meeting of the Conversations in Climate-ish will also be held at DasDas in Ataşehir, Istanbul. The series will continue with “Agriculture and Food” on Tuesday, 8 October; “Disasters” on Tuesday, 15 October, and conclude with “Urban Life” on Tuesday, 5 November.



CONVERSATIONS IN CLIMATE-ISH: A series of meetings where experience on problems and solutions concerning climate action, and which aim to develop a common language and holistic approach with parties working on the issue and specialising in various fields.

CLIMATEER: Everyone who is affected by the climate crisis, ponders on the issue, takes action or wishes to take action.

CLIMATE-ISH: A common language simplifying the existing technical language on the climate crisis.


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