Photograph: Serkan Kurtulmuş


Applications are now being accepted for the 6th International Migration Photography Contest themed “UNDERSTANDING Refugees - TELLING Refugees” that will be held by Gölcük Municipality and Gölcük Photography and Cinema Art Association in cooperation with UNDP Turkey.

The sixth edition of the International Migration Photography Contest will be held this year by Gölcük Municipality and Gölcük Photography and Cinema Art Association in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Turkey. The contest aims to document migration experience, difficulties and gains, and draw public attention to migration. Accepting applications until 18 August, the “migration-themed” contest focuses on describing and graphically depicting the phenomenon of migration and refugees in the context of human and socio-economic dimensions of migration, effects of migration on host countries and communities, refugees' self-reliance, ability to resume life in another country, resilience, empowerment, participation in life, social cohesion and integration.

A phenomenon as old as the human history, “migration” involves new challenges and perspectives today. Every year, millions of people leave their countries in migration to other countries due to wars, conflicts, natural disasters, increasing inequalities and population growth. “Forced displacement” on the other hand refers to the displacement of individuals or communities against their will as a result of compelling reasons such as wars; religious, political or ethnic oppression; need for security; and inability to meet basic human needs. It is estimated that the number of forcibly displaced people around the world exceeds 80 million in 2020.

When refugees take refuge in another country, they take their stories, skills and knowledge with them. For this purpose, there is a welcome approach to support refugees to be self-reliant in host countries, and to implement various policies and practices in many fields such as education, health, entrepreneurship, business and livelihoods, language education, empowerment of women and young people, participation in social life, social cohesion and integration. On the other hand, there are still stereotypes that consider refugees as a burden on host countries. In this context, the contest which aims to understand and tell refugees, calls for photographs that reflect human and socio-economic dimensions of migration.

Turkey currently hosts the largest number of refugees in the world, including 3.7 million Syrians. As UNDP Turkey, we have been working on migration and refugees since 2014 to alleviate the impact of Syrian crisis, endeavouring to strengthen refugees and host communities affected by the crisis, and reinforce their resilience against crises and shocks. Thanks to our projects that focus on economic integration, social cohesion, supporting local capacity and regional development, we offer sustainable, comprehensive and structural solutions to problems arising from the Syria crisis.

The migration photography contest that will be held in cooperation with Gölcük Municipality and Gölcük Photography and Cinema Art Association aims to address “displacement” through photography art to convey the effects of migration on the lives of displaced individuals and host communities, and to increase awareness on migration.

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