The first Circular Economy Week of Turkey was held online between March 1-5, 2021 and staged many panels, movie screenings, discussion sessions devoted to circular economy. Organized by Business for Goals Platform (B4G), DCube Circular Economy Cooperative and Business Council for Sustainable Development Turkey (BCSD Turkey) in partnership with Dünya Newspaper, the week involved and engaged many people, entities, representatives from the private sector, public institutions and civil society in order to promote the concept of circular economy.

The Circular Economy Week of Turkey consisted of 32 sessions and hosted a total of 117 speakers. Five days of discussion showcased various best practices and circular economy solutions from Turkey and around the World. The first day of the week allowed to look at the importance of the transition to a circular economy from a global perspective in the light of the Sustainable Development Goals, whereas on the second day of the week, policies, strategies and applications of the European Union, of different countries, as well as of Turkey were evaluated from the viewpoint of the private and public sector.

On the third day, sector-specific sessions took place, identifying potential areas of implementation through value chains regarding circular transition. While the fourth day focused on cities and buildings from a circular economy perspective as well as on regional approaches to circular economy, the last day brought together entrepreneurs and representatives from impact investing ecosystems at national and European levels to discuss the role of innovation on the circular transition of Turkey.

The first Circular Week of Turkey created a tremendous impression as an important event where stakeholders explored the actions and policies needed to be implemented to fully realize the potential of circular economy. The recorded sessions will soon be published on the website and YouTube channel of the Business for Goals Platform.

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