Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation Action Project aims to build societal resilience by strenghening climate change adaptation, particularly at the sector and urban level. The project is structured around three main componenents: improve the decision-making tools and decision-making process at the national level for climate resilient sustainable development, enhance the climate change adaptation planning for cities and carrying out capacity building and networking activities for climate change.

The adaptation process includes being prepared for impacts of climate change and taking measures against negative impacts and using advantage of potential opportunities. This process requires the development of solutions based on inter-sectoral coordination and cooperation in cities. With the online consultative meetings on impact and vulnerability assessment, the stakeholders from public sector, private sector, civil society, and academia took the first step in the climate change adaptation planning process for pilot cities.

During the consultative meetings held on December 7-8 for Muğla , December 14-15 for Samsun, December 21-22 for Konya and December 28-29 for Sakarya; the impacts of climate change, vulnerability and risk assessments, data needs and availability, highly vulnerable sectors and areas, as well as adaptation capacity and needs were discussed. Througout the preparation of action plans for 4 pilot cities until mid-2022, studies including vulnerability and risk analysis, monitoring and evaluation systems and develeopment of city-specific financing strategies will continue with partipatory processes based on scientific studies.

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