As economic relations continue going beyond borders in the globalizing world, the importance of foreign trade is increasing every day. This situation brings the need for more developed capacities in areas such as target markets, potential buyers and collection and management of the necessary information to carry out necessary commercial and operational processes for local and national companies.

The Export Academy has been organized in Gaziantep by Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) with the support of UNDP Turkey under the scope of "Turkey Resilience Project in Response to Syria Crisis (TRP) - Job Creation Component". Aiming to support the companies in Gaziantep in the above-mentioned needs, the Export Academy has been designed for both individual participants and companies. The participants have been given comprehensive training on foreign trade while capacities to increase their export performance has been strengthened especially in target marketing and customer determination areas.

With the training, individual trainees who are willing to be qualified employees in the foreign trade area are matched with companies in need of foreign trade experts, which in turn supports the employment creation in Gaziantep in the relevant field, remote and face-to-face training and consultancy services are provided to companies participating in the training for 2 months, commercial intelligence units are established within the companies, theoretical and applied foreign trade training and consultancy are provided to both individual and company participants in the form of face-to-face and remote services, and detailed information of more than 20 potential buyers lists identified in the target markets are delivered to companies in their areas.

As the training, which started with two groups on August 24 and 31, 2020, is entering the last week, the good news about new foreign trade breakthroughs have already started to come from participating companies. We will continue to hear important success stories in the export field in the coming days from Gaziantep which is one of the important actors of both local and national economies. We will share the news with you as they come. Stay tuned.

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