The short documentary on invasive alien marine species in Turkey’s coasts narrated by actor Halit Ergenç is released to online streaming.

More than 500 alien species reached to Turkish seas during the last 150 years. Invasion rate is one alien species per two weeks and the pressure on native species is increasing. 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks in collaboration with UNDP has launched a new project on this important threat: Addressing Invasive Alien Species Threats at Key Marine Biodiversity Areas. 

The project will be implemented at four sites in key marine ecosystems: İğneada, Marmara Islands, Ayvalık Islands and Samandağ.

Studies will be focused on certain invasive alien species such as the water hyacinth, lionfish, silver-cheeked toadfish, rapa whelk and north Atlantic starfish. 

The main target is to reduce the negative impacts of invasive alien species in marine ecosystems of Turkey. 

The project will contribute both to the Aichi Targets of the Biological Diversity Convention and the Sustainable Development Goals and raise awareness on the protection of our biodiversity and the seas that support the national economy. 

The project also encourages gender equality and women empowerment as much as possible, in line with the scope of the project.

The documentary narrated by actor Halit Ergenç can be viewed on Youtube.

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