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Within the scope of ‘Social Cohesion between Syrian and Host Communities through Women’s Empowerment Project’ implemented by GAP Regional Development Administration (GAP RDA), and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Turkey and in collaboration with ‘Mummy Brain Builders’, “Emotional Healing Talks” begins to ease the effects of the pandemic!

In order to provide psycho-social support to women, children and youth living in the most pandemic-affected areas, “Social Cohesion between Syrian and Host Communities through Women’s Empowerment Project” implemented by GAP RDA and UNDP Turkey cooperates with Mummy Brain Builders. In this context, online “Emotional Healing Talks” will be organized for officers and instructors working for ÇATOMs (Multi-Purpose Community Centres), Youth Centres and Child Development Centres. The first phase of the webinars will last 5 days and will be given by Hacettepe University and Boğaziçi University academicians and experts from Madalyon Psychiatry Centre.

‘Social Cohesion between Syrian and Host Communities through Women’s Empowerment Project’ aims to strengthen social cohesion among Syrian and host communities in Turkey and empower women both economically and socially. In addition, ‘Mummy Brain Builders’ which was established in 2017 draws attention to the issue of emotional neglect in childhood and organizes seminars together with mothers and trainers at the site. With this cooperation, “Emotional Healing Talks” will be held for officers and instructors of ÇATOMs, Youth Centres and Child Development Centres through 5 different sessions to be held on 23rd, 26th, 29th of June and 1st and 3rd of July 2020.


Women will not feel alone during pandemic

A survey was conducted to measure the impact of the pandemic on women from the host communities and Syrian women living in the South-eastern Anatolia Region and develop support mechanisms based on the results. 306 people participated to the survey, 54% of which were Turkish and 45% were Syrians from the pilot provinces; Mardin, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Kilis and Hatay. The survey revealed that women in the region need information about 'coping with the outbreak psychologically', 'spending time with children at home and creating activities' and 'communication with family members at home'.

“Emotional Healing Talks” organized as a response to the survey, aims to contribute to increase women’s awareness towards their own problems, take initiative to solve them, be empowered and achieve equality of opportunity. In this context, participants will be informed on child health, child nutrition, social and emotional development of children, mother-child communication, neglect and abuse of children, balancing work and home life for parents, domestic communication and self-worth and anxiety increases due to pandemic.

In the first phase, webinars will be given to the officers and instructors working in ÇATOMs, Youth Centres and Child Development Centres. In this way, the staff of these Centres will be able to support women, children and young people one-to-one and will not leave them alone.


Experts Meet with 25 Officers and 45 Instructors

In these seminars which will be attended by 25 officers and 45 instructors, Prof. Dr. Elif Nur Özmert, Head of Paediatrics Department, Hacettepe University; Dr. İsmihan Artan, Lecturer of Child Development Department, Hacettepe University; Assoc. Dr. Gülin Evinç, Faculty Member of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Hacettepe University; Nil Ateşoğlu, Educational Psychology Specialist of Madalyon Psychiatry Centre and Dr. Sevgi Kesim Güven, trainer of the social enterprise Awen For Us working on gender equality and lecturer of Boğaziçi University will take stage as speakers.

In the second phase of the “Emotional Healing Talks”, above mentioned experts will get together with women, children and young people through a new series of webinars.


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