The Business for Goals Platform continues organizing meet-ups online on its working areas “Inclusive Growth – Gender Equality” and “Climate Change – Circular Economy”.

The Business for Goals Platform, established to strengthen the role of the private sector in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and to encourage establishing new partnerships in this orientation, continues its work on gender equality and the circular economy.

The platform, of which inclusive growth is one working area, held its first meeting on gender equality on the 28th of February. In the course of its various online meet-ups specific to the Covid-19 crisis, it also organized an online meet-up on “How Does the Covid-19 Outbreak Affect Women in the Work-Life”, discussing how businesses established by women and women in the workforce are impacted by the current crisis. At this meeting, various stakeholders from the private sector, NGOs, and UN agencies discussed the subject from different angles.

The Business for Goals Platform also organized a series of digital discussions throughout May, regarding the circular economy model which is proposed in the fight against climate change and which promotes the effective use of scarce resources and collaboration in this direction.

The platform acted on the basis that while the Covid-19 crisis continues, it is necessary to remember the climate crisis as well. After the Circular Economy Meet-up which took place on the 12th of March, the platform, in collaboration with DCube - Circular Economy Innovation Cooperative, organized a series of digital discussions on circular economy models in three different areas: Food and Agriculture, Textiles, as well as on Architecture and Urban Planning. In this series, information sharing and interactive discussions on subjects related to the future of these sectors and on applications of the circular economy was enabled.

You can reach recordings of all webinars of the Business for Goals Platform on its website. To be kept informed about future activities, you can follow the platform’s social media accounts. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)

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