Business for Goals Platform organised platform gatherings on its work themes “Inclusive Growth-Gender Equality” and “Climate Change-Circular Economy”.

Founded to establish a bridge between the business community and Sustainable Development Goals, and strengthen the role of the private sector in sustainable development, the Business for Goals Platform works on “Climate Change and Disaster Resilience; Preparing Businesses for Future and Inclusive Growth”. The inclusive structure of the Platform takes action by platform gatherings.

Holding its first platform gathering on 15 January 2020 on disaster resilience for businesses, the Business for Goals met to exchange ideas and experience again on 28 February on Inclusive Growth - Gender Equality, and on 12 March on Climate Change - Circular Economy. The gatherings drew participation from the representatives of businesses which wished to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into their corporate policies and strategies, international organisations and civil society.


Women’s Empowerment in Business

Speeches on themes of “From Corporate Responsibility to Joint Action” and “Women-Friendly Workplace Practices” were delivered in the gathering where participants discussed the works needed to empower women in business. Then the group work sessions developed practical recommendations for problems faced by women in the private sector and ideas on potential areas of joint action.


A New Method to Achieve Resource Efficiency and Global Competitive Advantage: Circular Economy

Circular economy is a model that emerged upon the understanding that the planet’s resources are on the path to extinction and consumption patters are not sustainable. It contrasts with the traditional (linear) production-consumption based on “take, make and dispose”, and aims to replace the current business models with innovative methods that fosters different production and consumption processes to preserve finite resources and ensure environmental sustainability.

The first of the Circular Economy gatherings designed in cooperation with DCube Circular Economy Cooperative was immediately moved to an online platform following the announcement of the first confirmed coronavirus case in our country by the Ministry of Health on 11 March.

The online gathering on 12 March drew 228 participants. The first panel on “Relation of Circular Economy, Sustainable Development Goals and Global Marketplace” discussed on the nature of circular economy as an economic model benefiting the society and environment. The second panel on “Circular Economy Practices” dwelled on current successful practices.

The report on “Inclusive Growth - Gender Equality Gathering” and records on “Climate Change - Circular Economy Gathering” will soon be available at

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