In operation for one and a half years to increase efficiency in the production sector with the cooperation of Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ankara Chamber of Industry, ASO 1st Organized Industrial Zone and the United Nations Development Programme, Turkey’s first-ever “Capability and Digital Transformation Centre” continues at full pace to provide services that make a difference for and reduce the burden of our industrial businesses.

Recently incorporated as a commercial enterprise, ASO Model Factory is now enhancing the Experiential Lean Production Training, provided to senior staff of more than 120 companies from different sectors, to a higher level through Learn and Transform Programmes.

Remembering rates of 65%, which are achieved thanks to experiential training provided in a real production environment where there is freedom to make mistakes, go up to rates of 85 to 100% through the Learn and Transform (L&T) Programme. It is proved that the participating companies can accomplish Lean Transformation through the L&T Programme without any new investments in a pilot area of their choice and in a short time such as just three and a half months.

Active roles are assumed in all improvements by project leaders designated by the participating companies and coached by the consultants from the Model Factory. Thus, the L&T Programme also offers significant opportunities to our participating companies to be able to establish their own Lean Offices and train their own Lean Leaders.

These leaders, implementing Lean Production Methods both in the Model Factory workshops and in their own areas during the Programme, lead the transition in pilot area to spread across companies. The willingness and determination of the company management for transformation is the decisive factor for a total transformation and achievements gained during the programme. Transition is becoming faster and sustainable thanks to company leaders who demonstrate their belief in Lean Thinking actually in field as role models.

The increase in efficiency up to 140% gained through the first Learn and Transform pilot action that lasted 4 months, showed that companies could have payback on their investments in such short periods as one and a half months. ASO Model Factory continues to be the first place when it comes to Capability and Transformation with striking results obtained from 8 companies involved in the programme from different sectors, different scales and different levels of Lean Production and to shed light on the path of competitiveness.

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