A training program on “Migration, Communication, Intercultural Dialogue” was delivered to 300 Job and Vocational Consultants (JVCs) in the last quarter of 2019 within Employment and Skills Development Project implemented by UNDP Turkey through funding from KfW Development Bank.

The specific objective of the training is to improve communication skills of JVCs who provide active labor market services to Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey and host community to integrate them into local economies.

In the training program which was held during 3 weeks in Istanbul European side, Istanbul Asian side and Gaziantep, each week 100 JVCs  were provided with training. JVCs from Istanbul, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Hatay and Kilis received 3 days training from 5 different trainers aimed to develop their skills on leadership, fundamentals of intercultural communication, intercultural differences and successful communication in cultural context.

Through this training, JVCs obtained detailed information on the following subjects;

  • Laws and regulations about rights granted to Syrians under temporary protection and potential employment opportunities to be provided,
  • Integration of refugees into the labor market with examples from best practices in various countries,
  • How to develop innovative solutions and strengthen the labor market in order to minimize the unemployment in Turkey with the integration of refugees into labor market, 
  • Promoting the participation of potential labor force to the labor market by addressing its importance, advantages and possible positions that are suitable for various target groups.

All the participants actively participated in the courses and the training programs ended with a certificate ceremony.

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