Institutional Capacity and Digital Maturity Assessment of İŞKUR was completed within the coverage of the “Employment and Skills Development Project” which aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of İŞKUR.

First, the policies, mobile applications targeted at the young refugee population and the projects supporting the integration of refugees into society and the labor force in countries with examples of best practices such as Germany, Canada and Norway were examined in depth. During this process, meetings were held with stakeholders such as KfW, EUD, WB, ILO, UNHCR, IOM, GIZ and their opinions and suggestions were received regarding their cooperation with İŞKUR and work flows applied.

UNDP and PwC Turkey Team have carried out field studies between 22 April-23 May at İŞKUR General Directorate and İŞKUR Provincial Directorates of 5 pilot provinces of the project which are Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Hatay, Kilis and Istanbul.

In depth interviews were conducted at the General Directorates and Provincial Directorates. While the institutional structure of İŞKUR was examined in detail, the processes of the services offered to the target audience and the current status of the recent institutional structure were analyzed.

Critical process observations were made in Hatay Provincial Directorate, Istanbul Bahçelievler and Kadıköy Service Centers.

Each and every units’ services have been observed and digital screens and channels were checked. Special attention was given to the workflows and time periods and average service delivery times were examined.

Initial findings were presented to Mr. Cafer Uzunkaya, İŞKUR General Manager on June 12, 2019. Whereas the first part of the presentation delivered on the initial findings was about GAP Analysis of the Institutional Capacity, the second part was about GAP Analysis of İŞKUR’s Digital Maturity.

The main aim of this study is to focus on the service delivery of İŞKUR to provide better active labor market services, to identify the needs for developing and implementing new policies and to prepare capacity development and digital transformation road maps accordingly.

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