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UNDP and the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED) organized a two-staged inclusive business training to strengthen the capacity of SMEs in Şanlıurfa. The program which was handled with a participatory approach and also supported by the civil society, academia, business world and the public institutions started with a theoretical training held on 22-23 May in Şanlıurfa and ended with a study visit on 20-22 June in Istanbul.

The main objective of the theoretical training and the study visit was to inform companies and business people in Şanlıurfa, which is Turkey’s third largest refugee hosting province with the age average of 19, on (i) increasing their resilience by using inclusive business models and processes when facing social and economic impacts of humanitarian crises, (ii) supporting the transformation of their business plans into inclusive business models and (iii) creating a discussion environment in which they can freely express their current problems specific to the region. However, it was also among the objectives of the program to inform companies about the Connecting Business initiative (CBi) Network and “Disaster and Risk Resilience Guide for the Private Sector”.

The trainings in Şanlıurfa focused on value creation and increasing competitiveness from export to social responsibility through an inclusive business approach in the digitalizing and globalizing world. Representatives from Alternative Life Association (AYDER), Human Development Foundation (INGEV), Sabancı University, Visa Turkey and Microsoft also contributed the training by visiting the region and making case presentations on respective topics.

Study visit to Istanbul was carried out with the participation of the company representatives from Şanlıurfa, representatives of TÜRKONFED, TÜSİAD (Turkish Industry and Business Association), Turcas Petroleum, Ceynak Logistics, Dimes and BVN Aviation and the President of Istanbul Policy Center Fuat Keyman. The study visit also included visits to companies. Participants had the chance to exchange information with senior executives of Turkey’s leading companies and had the opportunity to strengthen the capacity of family businesses in terms of institutionalization.

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