It is possible to create more and suitable employment opportunities for many people through digitalization!

UNDP Turkey and Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) explored employment policies in Germany

The studies for transforming the demographic, sociological and economic impacts of the conflict that took place in Syria for 9 years are being accelerated. Representatives from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Turkey as well as General Directorate and Provincial Directorates of Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) attended a study visit in Germany between 25-29 March within the context of Employment and Skills Development Project funded by KfW German Development Bank.

The main aim of the study visit was to support İŞKUR to provide more employment opportunities and sustainable livelihoods through strengthened digital services of İŞKUR by information sharing and exploring employment policies and digital services of Federal Employment Agency and Federal Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs and establishing cooperation among the relevant institutions.

Mr. Fahrettin Kaya, Head of İŞKUR IT Department; Mr. Bülent Öner, İŞKUR Hatay Provincial Directorate Head of Unit; Mr. Osman Gezer, İŞKUR Kilis Provincial Directorate Head of Unit and 9 staffs from other related departments had the opportunity to discuss best practices and to exchange knowledge and experience with the representatives of Federal Employment Agency, Institute for Employment Research, Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, PwC Experience Center, German Trade Union Confederation, KfW German Development Bank and Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry during the visits held in Nurnberg, Frankfurt and Berlin. As a result, the study visit succeeded in review of best practices to integrate Syrians and Turkish citizens into the active labor market more rapidly through the improved institutional capacity of İŞKUR.

4500 Syrians and host community members will benefit from the dynamic mechanisms which will be developed for the Active Labor Market

During the Study Visit, the sample data were reviewed which would strengthen İŞKUR’s employment service delivery tools in Turkey. Federal Employment Agency, which has experienced in developing migration policies, gave examples of the steps taken by the public institutions in Germany in terms of digitalization. Regarding the employment policies and services developed in response to the consequences of the Syrian crisis, ideas were shared on how it could be a model for quantitative and qualitative growth, covering both Syrians and host community.

Employment and Skills Development Project, a part of the UNDP Turkey Country Office Syria Crisis Response and Resilience Programme aims to improve the capacity of individuals and communities as well as institutions, provides support for the implementation of active labor market policies to İŞKUR which is a key institution for development of employment opportunities. Therefore, support mechanisms will be developed to respond increasing dynamic service request in the provinces which are most densely populated by Syrians as İstanbul, Gaziantep, Kilis, Hatay and Şanlıurfa. Through the digitalized services, 4500 Syrians and 4500 host community members will be registered to İŞKUR system and benefit from the improved employment services of İŞKUR and consultancy services to be provided. The Project aims to strengthen İŞKUR’s physical and IT infrastructure in order to integrate Syrians and host community members to active labor market and to develop the employment opportunities in the subject provinces.

Within the scope of the Project, studies for developing opportunities for institutional capacity and delivery of digital services in accordance with İŞKUR's employment services’ needs will be implemented until mid-2020; however, the project results and institutional improvements will continue to be an inspiration and play a catalyst role for long-term policy development.

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