Within the scope of Capacity Development for Sustainable Community Based Tourism, which is conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and UNDP, a meeting was held in Kemaliye, Erzincan with participation of the representatives of the NGOs, local enterprises, academicians, students and UNDP.

At the meeting that the planned works in Kemaliye were shared and The problems and needs of the district on sustainable tourism were discussed among the participants and the recommendations of the business owners about carrying out joint works were considered. Aslı Çakın Dağlı, UNDP Local Socio-Economic Development Cluster Project Manager defined the Sustainable Community Based Tourism as a type of tourism based on local, natural and cultural values, which not only ensures the conservation of these values but also helps local people, particularly women and disadvantaged population to het economic benefit from. Dağlı emphasized that within this axis it is necessary to establish a participatory governance model for the tourism planning and management from local level. She added that for this reason a Destination Management Office is aimed to be established, and interactive, rich content Destination Portal specific to Kemaliye will be created and used as part of the e-marketing strategy. In the following months, a training series based on sustainable community based tourism will be provided to local community in Kemaliye.

Capacity Development for Sustainable Community Based Tourism project aims at developing national and local capacities for planning and implementation of sustainable community based tourism in Turkey. This initiative, which will be nationally implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will also provide inputs for the Tourism Strategy of Turkey-2023, with a focus on diverse tourism activities and emphasis on alternative tourism initiatives.

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