Effective urban waste management for host communities



Gaziantep- Part of the $ 3 million project, funded by the United States and implemented by the UNDP in partnership with the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, GAP Regional Administration and the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), the construction of the facility aims at prevention of the usage of wild dumpsites in Gaziantep province, namely Islahiye and Nurdağı districts, so as to alleviate the pressure faced by the Gaziantep Municipality in waste collection and management.

The large number of Syrians staying in the Southeast Anatolia region of Turkey, has been increasingly straining the capacities of local municipalities to provide the required services for the Syrians in addition to the needs of the host communities. Yet, strengthened municipal services and infrastructureare among the most pressing needs of the provinces that host high number of Syrians under Temporary Protection in Turkey.

At the event, “We are pleased today to inaugurate one of the most important facilities within the scope of UNDP’s response to Syria crisis in Turkey.

In Gaziantep, the waste generated by over 350,000 Syrians hosted in the two provinces has been posing some challenges for waste management systems designed before the Syrian crisis.  

This project, dated back to July 2015, helps to meet the extreme strains on waste management, including the transportation of solid waste, by the provincial administration.  

This inauguration represents further a reflection of a joint effort and objective shared with our generous donor the United States and in local level, Gaziantep Municipality, AFAD and GAP RDA, to respond to the impacts of the Syrian crisis as well as build on the opportunities emerged through the crisis in the region. This increased human resources and infrastructure capacity will contribute to stronger and resilient regional economy as well as inclusive and sustainable development” said, Claudio Tomasi, UNDP Turkey Country Director.

The project is funded by the United States and implemented by UNDP in cooperation with South-eastern Anatolia Project Regional Development Administration (GAP BKİ), the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) and with local partners such as Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. The Project, focuses on increasing the solid waste management capacities of Gaziantep and Kilis Municipality started in July 2015 and will be completed by July 2017.


About the station: 

The station facilitates the efficient transport of 164 tons/day of solid waste originated from Islahiye and Nurdağı districts along with two temporary accommodation centers also located at Islahiye with a combined population of 17,433 Syrian residents. Annual savings with this enhanced capacity is estimated as 1,612.000 USD for Gaziantep Municipality as it has prevented construction and operation of two additional sanitary landfill sides. 1,1 million USD of investment has been made along with construction of waste transfer and supply of 4 solid waste transfer vehicles along with one backhoe loader.

Gaziantep province, the focal area of the project, host more than 350,000 Syrians. The ratio of Syrian population to that of host communities in each province is higher than 15 %. The additional volume of waste generated due to unprecedented level of population increase with Syrian population influx amounts to more than 550,000 tons per year in Southeast Anatolia region. Thus, strengthened municipal services and infrastructure appeared as among the most pressing needs of the provinces that host high number of Syrians, as well as host communities.

The project of “Effective Urban Waste Management for host communities” focuses in 2 provinces:

-Kilis: Solid waste separation in two temporary accommodation centers in Kilis (Öncüpınar and Elbeyli) is implemented in order to reduce waste generation in the centers and extending lifecycle of Kilis sanitary landfill site by providing waste compactor.

-Gaziantep: Solid waste transfer station in Fevzipaşa district of Gaziantep is constructed along with the delivery of the solid waste transfer vehicles and backhoe loader.

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