New species were found in pilot project sites

Mar 8, 2017

Biodiversity assessments were done through field research in Forestry Directorates of Köyceğiz, Gazipaşa, Gülnar, Pos, Andırın, which are the pilot sites of Integrated Forest Management Project. The project is being implemented by General Directorate of Forestry with financial support of GEF (Global Environment Facility) and in cooperation with UNDP.

Data regarding to plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, butterflies, ecological processes were collected in field researches done by Doğa Koruma Merkezi in the context of the project. The data were processed and analysed to classify the species with high conservation priorities, as well as to identify the distribution of the species through GIS and special modeling programs. As a result of these analysis, core zones and buffer zones, which were agreed on with forest management committee and chiefs of forestry directorates, were designated. Furthermore, special implementation recommendations for all species and habitats were integrated into the forest management plans to finalize the process.

During the field researches various endemic plants were recorded. A new plant specie (Micromeria aybalae) discovered in Köyceğiz was promoted to science community. One of the endangered butterfly specie, Ottoman fire (Lycaena otomana) was recorded first time in Gazipaşa. Two new breeding colony of griffon vulture was found in Pos. Photo of endemic plant species, Murat astragalus (Astragalus huber-morathii), which has only recording from Gülnar has taken for the first time in nature. Through photo traps, 6,379 images were recorded so that big mammals such as lynx, caracal, wolf, jackal, fox, wild goat, wild cat, and red deer were monitored. One of the most important images among these photos is the first lynx image taken in Gülnar.

Biodiversity data were taken into consideration while preparing and renewing the forest management plans of Gülnar Forestry Directorate in 2015 and Gazipaşa Forestry Directorate in 2016 in the context of the project. Biodiversity assessment for 3 pilot sites were finalized and in order to integrate biodiversity data to forest management plans, renewal process was initiated in these sites.

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