Livelihoods and Employment Data Analysis Report

02 Oct 2018

The “3RP Livelihoods and Employment Data Analysis” briefing provides an overview of the progress made by 3RP (Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan) partners towards fostering jobs and income opportunities for Syrians under temporary protection and host communities. While the Government generous policy framework opens up access to the labour market for Syrian refugees, only 40,000 of them (including Syrians with residence permits holding regular work permits) currently hold a work permit. In parallel, poverty remains prevalent among refugees, while frustrations and tensions among the host community related to lack of employment opportunities are mounting. This situation requires 3RP partners to step up efforts related to job creation. The report estimates that the response is currently supporting 27,100 jobs through the efforts of various sectors (livelihoods, food security, and education sector). However, reaching the necessary scale on job creation would require significantly expanding the livelihoods sector, notably through more comprehensive programming and increased partnership with the private sector.  

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