The Launch of the NHDR 2008

UNDP Turkey launched its 2008 National Human Development Report (NHDR) titled “Youth in Turkey” on 21 March 2008 at the Sheraton Hotel in Ankara. The report analyses diverse aspects of opportunities that can be provided for youth such as in the fields of education, health, employment and participation and suggests possible arenas for action.

The 2008 NHDR was initially launched at a conference with the participation of state agencies and academics working in the area of youth, youth NGOs, universities, embassies, associations, EC Delegations and  international agencies as well as the representatives of private sector and media. At launch State Minister responsible for youth and sports Murat Başesgioğlu and UNDP Resident Representative Mahmood Ayub delivered speeches.

Knowledge Fair

Following the launch, there was a two-day Knowledge Fair in Ankara World Trade Centre with the participation of tens of youth organisations, student bodies, youth centres, youth assemblies, international institutions and universities, as well as state agencies.

The National Human Develoment Report was presented to the youth participating in the event and there was several workshops in related subjects and a few concerts. In the context of the Knowledge Fair, concerts, dance and theatre shows were organized.

Through these activities, young people who wish to participate more effectively into societal life had the opportunity to get to know these youth platforms and institutions that work in the field of youth or target youth had the opportunity to build a stronger communication and cooperation with each other. The event was open to everyone.


UNDP's NHDR 2008 - Youth in Turkey has caused quite a stir:

-  The media is still reporting on the findings of the report many months after the launch.

-  UNDP Turkey has been invited by the Youth and Education Commission of the Turkish Parliament in order to present the NHDR.

- More than 50 NGOs working in the area of youth came together to publish a joint press release calling for the implementation of the report's recommendations and offering their contribution to the goverment.
- Youth NGOs established a yahoo group to prepare further youth policy recommendations in order to present to the goverment. The agencies also established a joint platform, GENÇLİNK, to discuss further on the issue. The first meeting of the platform was held in Bursa in July 2008

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