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Healing Talks During the Times Of COVID-19 Outbreak

Within the scope of ‘Social Cohesion between Syrian and Host Communities through Women’s Empowerment Project’ “Emotional Healing Talks” begins to ease the effects of the pandemic!  

UN agencies launch Tech Access Partnership in joint effort to scale up local production of life-saving health technologies for COVID-19

Tech Access Partnership (TAP) was launched today as part of a coordinated approach to strengthen developing countries’ responses to COVID-19 and increase access to lifesaving health technologies.  

Innovation and Innovative Technologies Will Play a Big Role in Overcoming the Crisis

The webinar which has been held with the participation of more than 80 people brought together various actors from the sector including companies operating in Adana and Mersin innovation ecosystems,…  

Innovation Mentor Trainings Go Online, SMEs and Innovation Ecosystem in İzmir strengthens

“Competitiveness and Innovation” Module of the program was held with experts and participants from different sectors of İzmir economy and business community.  

COVID-19: New UNDP data dashboards reveal huge disparities among countries in ability to cope and recover

Indicators such as the level of poverty, healthcare capacity, access to internet and social protection can portray how severe the effects of the COVID-19 crisis might be in each of 189 countries.  

Business for Goals Platform meets online!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the platform moved its meet-ups to online platforms, on which three webinars were carried out during the previous weeks.  

Sustainable Health in the Days of COVID-19

Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme organized a webinar on staying healthy during the pandemic. Dr. Hilayda Karakök emphasized the importance of healthy dietary habits, exercising and…  

Plastic Initiative from the Business World

Steps Taken Against Plastic Pollution During the “Plastic in the Time of COVID-19” Webinar  

A new normal: UN lays out roadmap to lift economies and save jobs after COVID-19

There will be no return to the “old normal”, governments must act to create a new economy and more jobs.  

Engineer Girls of Turkey continues high school activities online

High school activities under the project “Engineer Girls of Turkey” jointly implemented by UNDP and Limak Foundation in collaboration with Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services and Ministry…  

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