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UNDP Turkey Provides Syrian SMEs with Covid-19 Support with the Government of Japan Funding

As the situation for private sector has been getting worse with the rising number of Covid-19 cases and the resulting measures to prevent the dissemination of the disease through lockdown and place…  

Quicksteps in Covid-19 Resilience and Response Project have result in great progress

UNDP Turkey continues to work on full speed to respond to drawbacks caused by pandemic and to increase Turkey's resilience through its Covid-19 Resilience and Response Project funded by Government of…  

Migrants essential to recovery of global development post COVID-19

Legal pathways, cheaper remittances, guaranteeing women’s rights could help get people moving again according to new UN research  

UNDP and UN Women launch COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker

UNDP and UN Women’s newly launched COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker shows the social protection and jobs response to the pandemic has largely overlooked women’s needs.  

COVID-19 Private Sector Global Facility announced at SDG Business Forum

UNDP, UN Global Compact and ICC join forces with DHL, Microsoft and PwC to help communities recover better from the pandemic  

COVID-19 will widen poverty gap between women and men, new UN Women and UNDP data shows

The COVID-19 crisis will dramatically increase the poverty rate for women and widen the gap between men and women who live in poverty, according to new data released today by UN Women and the United…  

Academicians, Education Experts and Practitioners Meet at “TLTA Academy” Talks!

“TLTA Academy” seminars continue unabatedly as organized under the Turkish Language Training for Adults (TLTA) Component of the Turkey Resilience Project in Response to the Syria Crisis (TRP)…  

Gender Talks as a Tool for Gender Mainstreaming in Times of Pandemics

The novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) became a reality of our daily lives globally. People around the globe are at high risk of getting this disease but the risk of infection and its consequences…  

Troy Culture Route welcomed its guests who missed the nature during the pandemic

Troy Culture Route starts from the Archeological Site of Troy which is currently on the UNESCO World Heritage List and ends at Assos Ancient Harbor. Would you like to discover this 120 km long route…  

Digital finance, a lifeline during COVID-19 crisis, can deliver long-term financing of the Sustainable Development Goals

Unleashing potential of digital finance could have transformational impact on sustainable development says group of financial, business, government and development leaders convened by the UN…  

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