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Civilian oversight of Turkish law enforcement strengthened with UNDP and EU support

Achievements include 19 boards that involve local administrations and civil society representatives in setting priorities for crime prevention.  

Participatory processes at the local level in four provinces are enriched with citizen meetings

Studies are carried out with the aim of developing and implementing a participatory local governance model for 14 new metropolitan municipalities within the Local Administration Reform Phase III…  

Demining improves security along Turkey’s eastern border

European Union and UNDP join forces to clear 83,000 landmines in eastern Turkey in two years with €18.6 million in EU funding  

Citizen-oriented and quality local service delivery standards are developed for the first time in Turkey

A workshop with broad participation was held under Administration Reform Phase III Project.  

Experience sharing meetings between municipalities ended up with a workshop in Ankara

As the closing event of the experience sharing meetings between municipalities which were held every week during the March-June 2021 period within the scope of the Local Administration Reform Phase…  

Bar Associations and NGOs Come Together in ILAP 2nd Regional Meeting to Provide Legal Aid to Victims of Violence

Bar Associations and NGOs from 7 pilot provinces came together in the 2nd Regional Meeting of “Support to the Improvement of Legal Aid Practices for Access to Justice for All in Turkey Project Phase…  

Experience sharing meetings on local service provision are enriched with the contributions of municipalities

“Experience Sharing Meetings between the Municipalities” are being held every week during the period of March-June 2021 within the scope of the Local Administration Reform Phase III Project and…  

UNDP aims to improve the general management and business skills of municipalities

Under the Local Administration Reform Phase III Project, an online training program is held for the executives of the metropolitan municipalities and its affiliated organizations, as well as the…  

National Gymnast Ferhat Arıcan lends support to demining action in Turkey

In the video recorded prior to the International Mine Awareness Day to draw attention to the demining action in the eastern borders of Turkey, European Champion national gymnast Ferhat Arıcan…  

These trainings aim to enhance service provision for disadvantaged groups at local level

In the scope of the Local Administration Reform Phase III Project of UNDP Turkey, capacity enhancement programs on urban awareness for the staff of Women Centres, Child Development Centres and other…  

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