What Have We Done for Communicating for Sustainable Development In 2020?

A glance at 2020 with UNDP Turkey

How to collaborate on participatory design practices online and across countries

The public space design with participatory methods project (now called Open Space Gokceada) has been the longest-running learning experiment that we have carried out intending to create a sustainable…  

Making grassroots visible: Let’s Pedal for Soil!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the lockdown periods in Turkey, we took food security on our agenda and my field research was also moved to online platforms.  

How We Teach While We Learn?

Not all experiments start just as planned and they do not even continue parallel with the plans.  

The Challenge of Designing an Innovation Challenge – Part I

UNDP Turkey AccLab's Head of Exploration Gökçe Tuna's first article in a blog series on the challenges of designing an Innovation Call  

Exploring Food Security: Urban Gardens

The COVID-19 pandemic, as most people would agree, has closed many doors but opened others in terms of opportunity identification.  

Rim: “Step by step, they got used to seeing a woman, a Syrian woman in this business.”

Her name is Rim, and she’s from Raqqa City, Syria. Once an English teacher in her hometown, she now lives in Mersin, Turkey and manages her own company in agricultural trade.  

Mohammad Faisal: “One day I saw an advertisement on social media and that changed my life.”

He is now working as foreign trade responsible of a local elevator manufacturer which also exports to the EU markets and the Middle East.  

Public space design with participatory methods: A multi-partner learning experience

What would it take to design a truly participatory community project whereby a neglected public space is revitalized to create an inclusive and vibrant community hub through placemaking?  

Daring to be Different: Affirmative Action through Innovation

Perhaps because we are an all-female team, we did not hesitate for a second before organising a women-only innovation challenge to tackle urban issues with which we have kept ourselves busy for the…  

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