What Have We Done for Communicating for Sustainable Development In 2020?

A glance at 2020 with UNDP Turkey

Public space design with participatory methods: A multi-partner learning experience

What would it take to design a truly participatory community project whereby a neglected public space is revitalized to create an inclusive and vibrant community hub through placemaking?  

Daring to be Different: Affirmative Action through Innovation

Perhaps because we are an all-female team, we did not hesitate for a second before organising a women-only innovation challenge to tackle urban issues with which we have kept ourselves busy for the…  

SDGs Can Do Sports

The Accelerator Program is focusing on empowering sports and entrepreneurship ecosystem that developed sports-based products or services, with international potential partners, mentors and investors.  

What does coronavirus mean for women

The human development crisis unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic is putting the fight for gender equality at risk. The immediate effects of COVID-19 are already showing in different dimensions, from…  

Newly formed, New forms of INEQUALITY

Inequality has many forms. This is one of the factors that makes it a complex challenge...  

The Value of Foresight in Development (and Beyond)

The biggest challenge right now is to stop COVID's spread especially in developing countries where health systems are weak and economies are fragile.  

The future of public spaces after pandemic: Ghost Spaces

A couple of months ago, AccLab Turkey approached the concept of ghost space to create a new and exciting community project in partnership with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.  

How do we include young people in solving development challenges while working with them?

The Design Factory has been running an Interdisciplinary Design Studio (IDS) since 2017 with the help of external mentors who set challenges to be solved.  

Join the Change!

The coffee cup experiment of the Accelerator Lab ran for 2 weeks in December at a local coffee shop in Ankara.  

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