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UNDP CPAP Stakeholder Meeting
Talking Points UNDP RR, Shahid Najam


Deep appreciation to participants for their willingness for to participate and contribute – I am encouraged by the number of participants in the room.

UNDP is moving into full national implementation, meaning we move away from the traditional donor-recipient paradigm to one where national leadership and national ownership guides our programme and partnership. This becomes even more critical in a country such as Turkey – a Middle Income Country with a strong resource base (human resources, institutions) and clearly articulated development priorities.

In response to this, we elaborated the UNDCS, a model cooperation framework between the UN and Turkey, in close partnership with and leadership of the government of Turkey. What we, together, achieved in Turkey is now shared as a best practice around the world for other countries to emulate.

The CPD – a five year strategy of results UNDP is expected to contribute to together with national partners : the Government, Civil Society, Academia and other International Partners, over the next five year period. The CPD is derived from the UNDCS, had its own consultation process with national partners in a process led by the SPO. It was then consequently approved by the UNDP Executive Board in June 2010.
The purpose of today’s meeting is to receive your validation of the country programme action plan, i.e. the specific activities to be carried out in implementing the CPD. Most of you will recognize the activities from discussion with the UNDP Programme Managers : Berna, Hansin, Katalin, Leyla, and Murat, last year.

In the Breakout sessions you will also be able to discuss future activities that are not included in the plan at present. The discussion will also be a useful opportunity to discuss the steps to adopt a greater programme approach in our partnership and programme development.

Before breaking into working groups, you will also receive a brief overview of the programming framework and the main elements of the CPD.
After today, we will incorporate comments received and finalize the CPAP together with the SPO. It will then be signed.

Before this, I would like to share a few processes that we at UNDP have introduced, following recommendation from an ADR carried out between 2009 and 2010. Overall, the ADR was very positive, concluding that yes, UNDP is making relevant contributions to development in Turkey. The ADR also, however, gave us an important recommendation on how we can improve processes to help us achieve a better impact.

As a result, we are strengthening and consolidating the programme approach to avoid small scattered interventions.  We are developing a methodology to capture successful pilots for replication and scaling up, we are mindful about keeping balance between project implementation on the round and achieving policy impact, we have set up structures to achieve better coordination with partners – in particular other international partners (UN Agencies, EU, WB, etc…), and we are piloting a new monitoring system to better be able to measure progress and take corrective action when and where necessary.

These improvements will guide us throughout the new programming period and in our partnerships.

We look forward to your contributions during today’s meeting and again, I would like to thank all of your for your invaluable inputs. It is only with your input and ownership that our programme will generate a real development impact in Turkey.

I would also like to extend a special note of thanks to the SPO.

Wishing all of you a productive morning.

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