Binyıl Kalkınma Hedeflerine Ulaşma Fonu Programı’nın İmza Töreni: “Türkiye’nin İklim Değişikliğine Uyum Kapasitesinin Güçlendirilmesi”


Remarks from

Mr. Mahmood A. Ayub

UNDP Resident Representative/ UN Resident Coordinator


Excellency Ambassador Luis Felipe Gonzalez de la Pena
Mr. Lutfi Akca
Fellow Colleagues from the United Nations
Ladies and Gentlemen

Allow me to begin by saying what an honor it is to be able to participate in this signing ceremony, in such wonderful surroundings.

On December 18, 2006—in the presence of Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero of Spain and the former Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Kofi Annan—a landmark agreement was signed. It was signed by the Spanish Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Ms. Leire Pajin and the UNDP Administrator, Mr. Kemal Dervis.

The agreement launched a new fund to boost efforts to achieve the Million Development Goals (MDGs). These Development Goals are the outcome of the Millennium Declaration, which was signed by all 189 members of the United Nations. They focus on specific targets to be achieved by 2015 in the areas of poverty reduction, education, gender equality, maternal and child mortality, HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases, environmental sustainability, and effective global partnership to achieve these goals.

With this agreement, Spain reinforced its leadership in multilateralism and international cooperation. And it expressed its confidence in the UN system. The UNDP is managing this fund of 528 million euros. However Spain’s contribution is bolstering the entire UN system, by accelerating efforts to achieve the MDGs, and by ensuring that UN reform is facilitated by enabling UN agencies to work more closely together.

For this, allow me to thank His Excellency the Ambassador, and through him, his wonderful country.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The MDG Achievement Fund—as the Fund is officially called—has several areas of coverage. And 57 countries, including Turkey, are eligible to apply for financial resources from this Fund.

We are very pleased that Turkey was awarded $ 7 million from this Fund for managing climate change risks in rural areas and coastal zones of this country.

This joint programme is truly a joint programme.

On the Government side, the main partners are the Ministry of Environment and Forestry; the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs; and the State Planning Organization.

On the United Nations side, the agencies participating are FAO, UNDP, UNEP and UNIDO.

And of course the Spanish Government serves on the tripartite Steering Committee of Government of Turkey, Government of Spain and the United Nations

The proposed programme has a three pronged approach to mainstreaming climate change adaptation:

·        Mainstreaming into the national development framework

·        Mainstreaming through local pilot action

·        Mainstreaming into the UN country programmatic framework

I am fully confident that this joint programme will have a very positive impact in this very important area.

Let me conclude by thanking the Spanish Government for their commitment to global economic and social development as evidenced by their generous support to this Fund; the Government of Turkey and all other partners for their support in preparing this project and owning it; and to all my UN colleagues for their outstanding cooperation to make this happen.

I wish this programme all success during the implementation stage, which begins now.

Thank you.

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