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Remarks from

Mahmood A. Ayub

UNDP Resident Representative, Turkey

KOC Holding, Nakkastepe


Mr. Ali Koc, Honorable Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Allow me to begin by welcoming the Global Compact Network Participants in Turkey.

Let me also congratulate Ali Koc, representing the Koc Group, for his leadership in this first local Global Compact Network meeting in Turkey.

My sincere thanks to the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, the British Council and UNIDO for their organizational and other support to this event.

I would like to welcome some of our guests and speakers from abroad, notably: Mr. Claud Fussler—the author of the Raising the Bar report; Mr. Michael Spenley—Chair of the UK Global Compact Network; Ms Manuela Boesenhofer—Advisor to UNIDO on private sector development; and of course Mr Georg Kell—the Executive Director of the UN Global Compact.

Looking back a little, The Global Compact was first launched in Turkey some five years ago at a conference organized by the UNDP and the Turkish Confederation of Employers’ Union (TISK). It was relaunched in September 2005, with a view to providing fresh momentum in Turkey to the notion of corporate social responsibility in the business community.

The UNDP has played an active role in this process, especially since September 2005.

·        It has helped in the establishment of the Steering Committee of the Global Compact in Turkey, together with the Task Force Groups under the Committee.

·        It has organized several related events such as: the International Private Public Partnership Summit: the International Information Society Symposium; Seminars in 12 cities in cooperation with Corporate Governance Association, TOBB and local chambers of commerce and industry; and many related events in schools, universities and other fora.

The UNDP Turkey has also been involved in communication efforts to disseminate the values and the principles of the Global Compact, including through participation in business fairs, media and press events, and through several publications developed or adapted for local use. In all this, we have been fortunate to receive the support of Koc Holding, Sabanci Holding< the CSR Association, the EU, TISK, the International Organization of Employers (IOE); and companies such as PTS and Pitstop. We warmly acknowledge this support.

I do not need to explain to this audience the critical linkage between the corporate responsibility of the private sector and the realization of the Millennium Development Goals. The achievement of these goals globally is inconceivable without the very active participation of the private sector, in terms of reducing extreme poverty, increasing primary education, reducing pandemics, reducing environmental risks and improving the gender balance.

Allow me to give some specific examples of corporate responsibility initiated by UNDP with Global Compact member companies and civil society organizations in Turkey:

·        The Life Plus Youth Fund and the Regional Water Initiative with Coca Cola

·        The Digital Inclusion Initiatives with Microsoft, Cisco, and Vodafone

·        Environmental Investment Funds with the BP-led BTC Consortium

Clearly there is need to develop more such public-private partnerships, especially in areas covered by the Global Compact.

Let me end by saying that the UNDP will continue to play its supportive role for the Global Compact in Turkey, and in encouraging new public-private partnerships. On that you can count.

However, I believe that it is now time for the network participants to take the lead, and take the GC to a higher level that involves much stronger cooperation within this network, so as to achieve tangible results.

In this context, Koc Group’s championship role is very critical to ensuring more active communication and collaboration among the Global Compact Network in Turkey.

Thank you very much.

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