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Employment and Skills Development Project - Component 2

The project is developed to stimulate job creation through providing capability development services focusing on productivity and competitiveness to SMEs.  

Employment and Skills Development Project - Component 1

The objective of the project is to support Syrians and vulnerable host community members to enter the local labour market.  

Addressing Invasive Alien Species Threats at Key Marine Biodiversity Areas

In total, nearly 5,000 plant and animal species have been identified in Turkey’s marine waters. Invasive Alien Species (IAS) have been identified by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs (MFWA)…  

Socioeconomic Development through Demining and Increasing the Border Surveillance Capacity at the Eastern Borders of Turkey- Phase II

Border management is regarded as being one of the most priority areas of EU Accession process for Turkey.  

Support for the Preparation of Turkey's 7th National Communication and 3rd Biennual Report to UNFCCC

The immediate objective of the project is to assist the Government of Turkey in the preparation and submission of its 7th National Communication and 3rd Biennial Report for the fulfilment of its…  

Turkey’s Engineer Girls

The project aims at development of private sector led prototypes for inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the services and manufacturing sectors benefiting from gender equality mainstreaming…  

Strengthening Transparency and Code of Ethics for Enhanced Public Confidence in Court of Cassation in Turkey

The Project targets developing and implementing strategies in the Court of Cassation (CoC), the implementing partner of the Project, for “disseminating code of ethics”, “strengthening transparency”…  

Increasing Border Surveillance Capacity of Borders between Turkey and Greece Project

Project aims to respond to the needs in the field of border management via assessing the institutional capacity needs of Land Forces Command to adopt tools for modern border surveillance including but…  

Integrated Resource Efficiency in Agriculture and Agro-based Industries in the Southeast Anatolia Region Project

Efficient use of resources such as land, soil, energy, raw material, technology, and human capital in the economic production processes play a crucial role for achieving sustainable development as…  

Strengthening Social Stability in Southeast Anatolia

The project is developed to respond to the increasingly reported facts and observation that the capacities of local service providers are overstretched, reducing their capability to deliver services…  

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