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2018 press releases

EU and UNDP initiate a new project to strengthen Syrians and host communities in Turkey

The new action focusing on job creation, municipal services and Turkish language trainings is supported by the European Union.  

Young Syrians and locals created practical solutions for the needs of the world with universal coding language

Investment in youth pays off! After seven months of hard work and dedication, a group of 28 students, a mix of Syrians and locals graduated the Android Bootcamp, with the ability to work as…  

GAP Organik Tarım Küme Projesi’ne Küme Mükemmeliyeti Bronz Etiketi Ödülü

Avrupa Küme Analizleri Sekretaryası (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis-ESCA) tarafından GAP Organik Tarım Kümesine ‘Küme Mükemmeliyeti Bronz Etiketi’ ödülü verildi.  

Regional private sector stakeholder consultations expand economic opportunities in response to the Syria crisis

A multi-stakeholder consultation, bringing together over 70 representatives from government, UN agencies, I/NGOs and the private sector from Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq took place on 5 – 6…  

Inspiring portraits of five powerful women from Turkey on International Women’s Day 8 March

UNDP Turkey reflects the stories of five powerful women from five different places of Turkey to draw attention to the Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality on International Women’s Day 8…  

The promising future for both Syrians and host communities were discussed during “Business and Employment Forum” in Gaziantep

Government officials, businesses, private sector organizations, NGO leaders, social enterprises and entrepreneurs gathered in Gaziantep, to discuss the increased employment and livelihoods…  

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