Çanakkale, Perşembe (Ordu) and Şile (İstanbul) said The Future is in Tourism!

Dec 28, 2017

The projects that are going to be supported by “Future is in Tourism” in 2018 that to contributes to sustainable tourism activities in our country, to increase employment in the tourism sector and to draw attention to the local development aspect of tourism have been determined.

With "Future is in Tourism"that has been going on for 10 years, sustainable tourism projects are going to be supported in the districts of Perşembe in Ordu and Şile in Istanbul and in Çanakkale.

The projects that are going to be supported in 2018 by “Future is in Tourism” which has been conducted in cooperation of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Anadolu Efes have been announced. With “Future is in Tourism” in 2018, Ordu will be able to provide sustainable tourism in the province of Perşembe; in İstanbul, regional flavors will be introduced in the Şile district to experience local culture and traditions and in Çanakkale, the socio-economic development of local people will be supported while disseminating cultural tourism consciousness. The project to be carried out in Çanakkale will also contribute to the activities that are going to be organized within the scope of the 2018 Troia Year.

In addition to support of three sustainable tourism intellectual funds every year with Future is in Tourism; training, planning, technical support, communication and consultancy support is also being provided.


Troia Culture Route (Çanakkale):

The "Truva Cultural Route" which is one of the projects of the 5th term of Future Tourism will be carried out by Çanakkale History and Culture Foundation with the partnership of Çanakkale Governorship. The Troia Cultural Route project aims to preserve cultural identity and cultural heritage while strengthening ties between the visitors and the local people.


Women will Illuminate Perşembe (Perşembe, Ordu):

With the "Women will Illuminate Perşembe" project that will be organized by New Search Initiative Platform Association (YAPDER) with the partnership of Perşembe Industrialists and Businessmen Association of Turkey, it is aimet to promote sustainable tourism, local tastes, strengthen the local people economically and to support new women entrepreneurs.


A Day in Ovacık Village (Şile, İstanbul):

The project "A Day in Ovacık Village" to be conducted in Ovacık Village of Şile will be carried out by Ovacık Village Women Seed Association in cooperation with Şile Municipality and Şile Tourism Culture and Promotion Association. The project aims to develop an experience-based tourism model by providing visitors with the opportunity to experience local delicacies, locality-specific cultures and traditions.

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