600 women from all over Turkey gather for equality

19 Jun 2013

600 women from different cities in Turkey will gather for equality in the “Third Convention of Women’s Civil Society Organizations” which will be held in Ankara.

The “Third Convention of Women’s Civil Society Organizations”, which will be held on 21-22-23 June, will gather up hundreds of representatives of women’s organizations which have different areas of expertise, priorities and working traditions, but have “women empowerment” as a common objective.

Women will talk of a world without shelter, the possibilities to develop a policy together, the struggle against discrimination, current political problems and women labour and employment.

The convention is organized with the support of UNDP and the secretariat of the convention is executed by the Flying Broom Women’s Communication and Research Association. The executive committee of the convention consists of the Women’s Labour and Employment Initiative (KEİG) Platform, Turkish Federation of Women’s Associations (TKDF), Turkish Women’s Union (TKB), Capital City Women’s Platform (BKP) and Association for the Support of Women Candidates (KA.DER).

Discrimination and obstacles for women’s movement are on the agenda

Various issues will be discussed in the workshops which will be carried out from morning to night during three days.

Femicides, child brides, the institution of family, Avoiding and Monitoring Violence Centers (ŞÖNİM), cooperation of public-civil society organizations, political participation, women friendly cities and the right to involve in local decision-making mechanisms, equality units in the cities are some of the issues which will be discussed during three days.

“Discrimination” is also one of the prominent issues. Ethnic discrimination and discrimination against LGBT people, disabled women, children and kerchiefed women will be emphasized during these three days.

Other important issue is the obstacles for women’s movement in Turkey.

Participation of women in peace process, constitution process, abortion right, women’s right to decide how many children they have, sharing the responsibilities of child, patient and elderly care by the whole society; the possibility of whether entrepreneurship can be a solution for women’s employment or not, flexible working hours and women’s production cooperatives will be discussed in detail.
This meeting does not include only workshops. Film screenings, music concerts, workshops on photography and video, preparing a news article and collecting visual archive will be held during the convention.

The first convention was organized under “Beijing+5 Conference” in 2000

The first meeting of the women’s organizations from different cities in Turkey took place within the framework of “Beijing+5 Conference” in 2000 after the World Conference on Women which was held in 1995.

The second meeting of women’s organizations was held for the fourth and fifth Shadow Reports of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

As a result of this meeting in which 453 women from all the cities gathered, a “shadow report” was prepared as an alternative to CEDAW Country Report.

After ten years, women from 81 cities in Turkey will gather once again for equality and justice.

For this meeting, women say that “We do not lose our hope despite the current situation and we are all excited to get together with our differences for a more powerful women’s movement”.

Programme details:

Third Forum of Women’s Civil Society Organizations

Date: 21-22-23 June 2013

Place: Büyük Anadolu Hotel, Ankara

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