In-service training for local authorities in Ankara and Antalya

14 Jan 2011

A new in-service training programme will help strengthen the human resource capacities of local authorities. 1,000 elected representatives and 250 appointed managers will participate in trainings.

AnkaraFor the ease of accession, the first round will be held in Antalya, between 17 January – 9 February 2011, and the second round in Ankara, between 14 March – 9 April 2011 within the scope of the Support to Further Implementation of Local Administration Reform in Turkey Project.

A tailor-made training programme has been prepared for a group of participants from about 600 municipalities all over the country. The content of training materials was prepared after training needs assessment carried out in 11 pilot local authorities. A number of local and international experts will deliver 10 different training modules to the trainees – varying in target group and duration – covering the topics identified in the needs assessment report.

During the training, the participants will be focusing on; the responsibilities and authorities of elected representatives, the responsibilities and authorities of managers and unit heads, efficient working relations among local elected authorities, professional managers and unit heads, comprehensive policy development and accession mechanisms, improvement of vision in the city, gender sensitive planning in local service delivery, project cycle management and European Union funds, communities of practices, in-service training management, fiscal administration and budgeting, fiscal administration and preparing statistics.

Support to Further Implementation of Local Administration Reform in Turkey Project is being implemented by the Ministry of Interior with the technical assistance of the United Nations Development Programme and funded by the European Union in the scope of the EU-Turkey Pre-Accession Financial Co-Operation Programme.

The specific objective of the project is to develop and strengthen the administrative capacity and co-operation of the Ministry of Interior (particularly General Directorate of Local Authorities, governorates and district governorates), unions of local authorities and local authorities themselves in the task of ensuring effective implementation of new policy and legislation on local administration.

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