Kick-off for new "Life +" projects

17 Apr 2007

New term applications for the Life + Youth Programme established by Coca-Cola Turkey and UNDP in 2005 have started. Financial support and consultancy will be provided for the projects that will be elected.

New term applications have started for the Life + Youth Programme that gives support to projects designed by youth. The programme that was established by Coca-Cola Turkey in 2005 with the support of UNDP is worth USD 1,5 million Dollars and has so far realized 22 projects from all around Turkey.

Youth who wish to implement their projects under “Life +” Youth Programme’s umbrella need to submit a preliminary application as a first step in which they describe their project ideas in a concise manner. A requisition of 3 thousand to 30 thousand dollars funds may be required for the projects.

After projects have been evaluated according to technical criteria, two representatives from the project whose ideas were found successful are called for a “Life +” meeting. The teams that participate in the workshops and trainings then submit their final application. The projects that will receive the support of “Life +” are then identified among the final applications by the Elective Committee. The relevant dates regarding the preliminary applications and the following procedures are as follows:

Deadline for preliminary applications                         :  15 June 2007
Announcement of projects that pass the 1st stage     :   2 July 2007
“Life +” Meeting                                                       :  16 July 2007
Deadline for final applications                                   :  10 August 2007
Announcement of winner projects                             :  20 August 2007

Some of the projects that benefited from the Life + in 2006 are as follows:

“Wall of Peace” (Bitlis) – In order to create a symbol of peace in Bitlis that carries the marks of a 6000 year history, 30 youth started the “Wall of Peace” project. In the context of the project, the 32 metres long wall of the İhlasiye Madrasah was illustrated by youth during the workshops under the chair of painter İsmail Acar.

“University without hurdles” (İstanbul) – A group of students from İstanbul Robert Highschool initiated a project to record their voices for the resource materials needed by their visually-impaired fellow students so that they can prepare themselves for the university exams. A “first” will occur in Turkey and a vocal library will be established for the visually-impaired with the help of volunteers as well.

“A Hope for the pale faces of rosebuds” (Batman) – A group of young people who live in Batman that has been the focus of recent Turkish agenda for its elevated suicide rates have initiated a project to increase the efficiency of the pschology centres in the city. These youth visit homes, prepare posters and brochures, and join the residents in various activities. 

“Fifth Sense Art” (İzmir) – A group of young people in İzmir commenced a project in which they give disabled participants from various backgrounds, dance and rhythm classes. The project aims to put on a show by the end of the classes by a cluster of demonstrators.

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