What is Turkey's perspective on Women's involvement in politics?

14 Nov 2006


A public perception survey aimed at determining the public's approach to women's involvement in politics in Turkey has been conducted as part of a project entitled "Women and Politics" which is being jointly carried out by the United Nations Development Programme and Association of Supporting and Educating Women Candidates Ankara. The results provided some useful information for political parties.

Ankara - The main conclusions of a report about a public perception survey aimed at determining voters' approach to women's participation in politics will be announced at a press meeting on 14 November 2006 Tuesday, 11:00-12:30 hours, at Ankara Sheraton Hotel.

UNDP Turkey-Deputy Resident Representative Sarah Poole will make opening remarks followed by KA-DER Ankara Projects Director İlknur Üstün. Survey results will be presented by Konsensus Research and Consultancy Director Murat Sarı.

The Survey results provide clues to the outcome of the general election scheduled for 2007 and contain statistical data indicating that voter preferences may change if female candidates can secure a suitable place in the list of candidates to be drawn up by political parties and thus increase their chances of being elected and if political parties draw up women-focused programs.

The results show that female voters and women's issues can be decisive factors in 2007 General Election especially for the political parties facing the risk of failing to surpass the election threshold.

According to the outcome of the survey, 16% of the citizens who voted in the General Election in 2002 were not satisfied with policies related to equality and rights of women pursued by the political parties they had supported. The results showed that having a higher number of female candidates as compared with other political parties would increase the tendency to vote for that party among 25% of the voters.

The survey, which also involved a quantitative determination of voter demand for establishing gender quotas, was conducted by interviewing 1000 respondents throughout Turkey.

Date: November 14, 2006
Time: 11:00-12:30 A.M.
Place: Ankara, Hotel Sheraton, Magnolia II conference room

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