Women voice their demand in Ürgüp

01 Sep 2006

Local Agenda 21’s Women’s Councils Summit meetings will be held, with the support of UNDP’s “Women in Politics” project, from 01-04 September in Ürgüp.

All media members are invited to the summit, hosted by Ürgüp Municipality, which will begin with a ‘Summit Walk’ at 9.30 am from the town square on 01 September. During the walk, women will chant slogans demanding equal representation. Later meetings will also be held at the town square.

The theme of this year’s Summit is ‘Women in Politics’. Representatives from national and international women’s organizations will constitute the majory of the participants at the panels and discussion meetings where women politicians, academics and NGOs will share their experiences and knowledge to draw public’s attention to gender equality in political representation.

Status of women in social life and politics, necessary legal reforms to provide gender equality in parliamentary representation and women’s quotas, and women’s impact on policy making process will be among the topics to be discussed at the Summit whose main objective is to increase women’s participation in political life. Gender equality in decision-making mechanisms is becoming increasingly important in this period leading to the 2007 general elections.

Local Agenda 21’s Women Councils, which promote women’s movement in Turkey, work on a different theme every year. Subsequently, UNDP’s ‘Women in Politics’ project has become a major partner of Women’s Councils’ activities this year. ‘Election Quota Working Groups’ within these councils work specifically on the adoption of gender quota in parliamentary elections.