Trainings on ensuring energy efficiency in building inspection held in Ankara, İzmir, Erzurum and Istanbul

Jul 1, 2014

Turkey’s energy efficiency policies and targets and legislation on building inspection and energy efficiency in buildings discussed in trainings organized in four provinces in June.

New Horizons - A training programme on "Ensuring Energy Efficiency in Building Inspection" was held in Ankara on June 17th, in İzmir on June 19th, in Erzurum on June 24th, and in İstanbul on June 26th within the scope of the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project.

At the trainings issues such as Turkey’s energy efficiency policies and targets, legislation on building inspection, key principles of energy efficiency in buildings, problems occurred in energy efficiency practices in building inspection were discussed.

Moreover, Energy Efficiency Checklist and the Guide for Energy Efficiency Checklist were publicized and the participants were informed on how to use the guide.

“Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project” is being executed by General Directorate of Renewable Energy (YEGM) of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources together with UNDP with the financial supported by Global Environment Facility (GEF).

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and Ministry of National Education are other partners of the project. The objective of the project is to reduce energy consumption and associated GHG emissions in buildings in Turkey.

Strengthening the capacity of building inspectors regarding to energy efficiency regulations and implementations is one of the important targets of the project.

The trainings on “Ensuring Energy Efficiency in Building Inspection” were conducted in cooperation with General Directorate of Construction Works and General Directorate of Vocational Services of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.