Sivas has its ICT Academy now

Jul 1, 2014

An academy which will work to increase digital literacy especially among disadvantaged young people opened in Sivas in June.

New Horizons - The academy has opened as part of ‘Empowerment of Youth for E-Transformation of Turkey’ project which works to increase the number of ICT literates mainly among disadvantaged young people and to create employment opportunities for them to get actively involved in e-governance mechanisms in the country.

Volunteer support

Project especially works with young volunteers and 1200 young people from 79 cities and 129 provinces covering each and every region in Turkey volunteered to provide basic computer and internet skills (Windows Office, digital life, internet safety, security and ), web design and social media literacy trainings to their peers.

Digital Literacy online training tool of Microsoft is translated to Turkish language for this purpose. 
Since now, 158,000 young people, children, women, civil servants, local decision makers, community leaders, employees and owners of small enterprises military servants and imprisoned persons have benefited from trainings.

Regional ICT Academies are established in 25 cities so far in partnership with local governments of these provinces.

The Academy in Sivas is the newest ones which opened with the participation of all project partners.