Outdoor development in İstanbul and Ankara: #itspossible

Jun 1, 2014

UNDP in Turkey launched two outdoor visibility campaigns in İstanbul and Ankara which helped better visualize what sustainable development for all is in one picture. 

New Horizons - The campaign focused on the concept of “sustainability” and in particular on sustainable energy with the hashtag #itspossible.

It was also coincided with the Regional Conference on “Scaling up Sustainable Energy Solutions – Role of the Private Sector” organized in Istanbul.

The initial aim was to find an open platform where we can encourage public to talk about inclusive and sustainable human development.

We wanted to communicate the concept of ‘sustainability’ with a remarkable catch line and therefore we asked “Is the progress possible without consuming the earth?”

We asked for the answers from the public whether #itspossible or not. But our answer was ‘yes, it is.’

In Ankara, our billboards were in the form of “racquets” and “stands” (posters) in/around public bus stops; as well as “megalights” (running large billboards) in main intersections of the city.

They were featured in Ankara streets for almost two weeks.

Residents of Istanbul were able to see our outdoor campaign on billboards for a week.

In Istanbul, we also showed a 10 seconds animated video, based on the same graphic concept of our billboard, on selected squares of the city. The short video ran for almost three weeks in Istanbul.

The video and the billboard are important tools which can create awareness among the public about what UNDP does globally and in Turkey much more than any other communication tool can do.

Moreover, what we aimed with these campaigns is to show how people can engage more with UNDP in Turkey, especially via social media.

We have seen the results of our campaign especially in the number of our social media followers. Our Twitter community grew by more than 10 percent, now exceeding 11,600.

These campaigns would not be possible without the cooperation of our colleagues in İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Ströer in Ankara.

We would like to extend our gratitude to them for enabling an innovative and effective communication of sustainability for our planet’s future.