Civil Climate Summit Initiative continues its works for a ‘citizen focused’ climate agenda

01 Jun 2014

At a consultation meeting hosted by the GEF Small Grants Programme, Civil Climate Summit Initiative came together. At the meeting, it was stated that the activities continue to raise awareness for the relation between climate change challenges and people’s daily life habits and livelihoods, and for the investigation of related country policies.

New Horizons - The Initiative of Civil Climate Summit is a new formation whose aim is to increase the representation and participation of civil society in climate governance issues in Turkey and thus, to make it more effective. The initiative organized a consultation meeting on May 15.

At the meeting, the CCV (Civil Climate Summit) Initiative was represented by the Society for Global Balance, 350 Ankara and Legislative Association.

Other participants were UNDP – GEF Small Grants Programme, Delegation of the European Commission to Turkey, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Association, Ankara Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and Union of Turkish Bar Associations.

The Initiative of Civil Climate Summit is an organization that was established with gathering of different civil formations and the main aim is to create a ‘citizen focused’ climate agenda. It has been almost a year that the initiative works in line with a consciousness that there is a detected momentum of rising social expectations tend toward struggle for climate change.

The 1st Civil Climate Summit was held on November, 2013 which was organized by the Initiative of Civil Climate Summit with support of GEF Small Grants Programme.

At the consultation meeting, detailed information was given on the future plans and the preparation process of “2nd Civil Climate Summit” which will take place on September, 2014 by civil formations within the Initiative of Civil Climate Summit.

The entrepreneurs of Civil Climate Summit stated that the citizens in the country adopt the climate change issue in person and take part in a facilitative defending of it.

As a short term plan, the Initiative of Civil Climate Summit has in mind to organize training and awareness raising meeting with a wide participation of media members in summer at Istanbul.

By this way, it was planned to call attention of public opinion to Turkey’s international responsibilities by creating an effective civil climate struggle campaign through media in the process of the 2nd Civil Climate Summit.

There is a need to work on a roadmap that Civil Climate Summit should determine with civil formations and to create a partnership atmosphere with different fractions of the society before the United Nations’ twentieth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 20) that will take place on December 2014 and a new global climate agreement that is expected to get accepted in 2015 at Paris (COP 21).

In this frame, during a short time till happening of the 2nd Civil Climate Summit, preparing reports for some issues such as the role of media in and Turkey’s position at the struggle of climate, responsibilities of civil formations and the works regarding the production of informative periodics for the process were remarked as a planned activities by the Initiative of Civil Climate Summit.