‘University students should be encouraged to do more volunteering’

Jun 1, 2014

The survey presented during the Youth and Volunteerism Summit shows that university students needs more accurate information about volunteering opportunities and NGOs and it also underlines the necessity to have social responsibility courses for increasing awareness on the subject.  

New Horizons - Young people gathered to discuss volunteerism at Youth and Volunteerism Summit organized with the initiative of United Nations Volunteers (UNV), Eurasian Universities Union (EURAS) and International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation.

The Summit was held in 6 May in İstanbul Aydın University Florya Campus to discuss volunteering opportunities of young people with a panel, workshop and an NGO fair.

How volunteerism is perceived?

In the morning session, a panel was held where NGO representatives and young volunteers participated.

In the light of panel discussion, different views on volunteerism perception, bureaucratic procedures for establishing student clubs and inadequacy of social responsibility academic advisors to orientate and encourage university students were discussed.

After the panel discussion the survey on volunteerism perception among İstanbul Aydın University students conducted by University’s Turkey’s Research Center before the summit had been presented to the participants.

The survey stated that university students do not have accurate information about volunteering opportunities and NGOs, underlining the need to integrate social responsibility courses for increasing the awareness about this field.  

During the workshop held in the afternoon session, students and social responsibility department representatives from Giresun University, Amasya University, Eskişehir Anadolu University, Gaziantep University, Gazi University, Dokuz Eylül University, Uludağ University, İstanbul Aydın University and Sabancı University discussed the ways that NGOs , academic units and university students can follow in order to encourage more university students to do volunteering activities.

A recommendation list was prepared as an outcome of the workshop.

Outputs of the summit will be announced in the coming months along with the academic publication of EURAS in collaboration with UNV and IBC.