‘A low emission development strategy should be put in place’

Jun 1, 2014

Kamal Malhotra, UNDP Resident Representative in Turkey, said a low emission development strategy which has concrete steps should be put in place to act on climate change at a practical level, during his interview to Açık Radio.

New Horizons - Kamal Malhotra, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Turkey, gave an interview about climate change to the morning show of Açık Radio called ‘Open Journal’ on 26 May.

Malhotra reminded that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon calls climate change as one of the defining issues of our times and it is a top priority for the United Nations.

Hence, to catalyze action on climate change, Ban Ki-moon invited Heads of State and Governments along with business, finance, civil society and local leaders to Climate Change Summit in New York in September 2014.

Saying that climate change is also a top priority for UN in Turkey, Kamal Malhotra emphasized that in order to tackle challenges posed by climate change in Turkey at a practical level, there is a need to have a strategy with very concrete steps and to make it country-specific via helping Turkey analyze and understand economics of climate change issue.

He said that ‘We need to have a clear and consistent strategy about climate change and push it consistently. If not, we are not going to be able to make progress.’

Malhotra concluded that ‘We have to find ways to integrate concrete programmes, plan, actions, projects on climate change into Turkey’s sustainable development strategy, its agricultural strategy and its natural resource management strategy. We really have to be able to implement them at a more practical level. That’s what UN, particularly UNDP, is prioritizing to do.’