Entrepreneurship ecosystem of Turkey came together

02 May 2014

Spreading mechanisms which support entrepreneurs throughout Turkey and improving entrepreneur frame of mind among the society were emphasized in a meeting where institutions in the entrepreneurship ecosystem came together.

New Horizons - International Entrepreneurship Initiative works to support improvement of entrepreneurship via its cooperation with over 70 institutions all across Turkey.

International Entrepreneurship Initiative was established in collaboration with Ministry of Development, UNDP, Habitat Center for Development and Governance and Vodafone Turkey Foundation.

The initiative organized a two-day meeting which gets 60 representatives from 40 foundations together between 17-18 April.

The meeting aimed the reinforcement of cooperation among institutions which are in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and which develop mechanisms to support the improvement of entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In addition, the meeting aimed to support expansion of the entrepreneurship support mechanisms which are concentrated in Istanbul to other cities.

During the meeting, debates focused on the subjects of development and sustainability of cooperation among entrepreneurship ecosystem’s stakeholders, associations of entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey with international process and actors, expansion of entrepreneurship support mechanism all across Turkey, development of entrepreneurship mentality in society, the place of universities in the ecosystem and association of universities with other stakeholders of ecosystem, strengthening the role of investment network and activation of entrepreneurship finance and improvement of entrepreneurship in different sectors.

The International Entrepreneurship Initiative aims to bring active actors of ecosystem together periodically through Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Meetings.