Young people and SMEs trained on financial risks and credits

Apr 1, 2014

Eleven different trainings which were popularized by young trainers were held and hundreds of young people joined from four cities.

New Horizons - Trainings which aim to develop capacities of participants about financial risks were held in the context of ‘Manage Your Future Now’ project implemented with the partnership of UNDP, Experian Turkey, Credit Breau of Turkey (KKB) and Habitat Center for Development and Governance.

597 young people and 86 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) joined the eleven trainings in March.

The trainings developed by young trainers are about financial risks and credits.

In March, the number of trained people within these set of trainings increased to 3539 during two years of project time in topic of financial risks.

In the meantime, the last part of SMEs session which is about developing capacities about financial risks take place in Samsun on 3 March.

In this session SMEs got trained by Kasım Akdeniz, General Manager of Credit Bureau of Turkey, in order to reduce risks of credit and cheques to minimum.

With this session 86 SMEs trained in Samsun. With this training 208 SME trained in total.